The MotherNapper

There is a portal in the room where I take baths. The world on the other side looks remarkably like my own. It has the counter I sit upon, the brown and silver curtain that hides the bath tub, the post that hold towels and even the particular (white) walls that mark my house as my own.

Daily my mother takes me into this room, not for a bath like expected but so I can look into the portal. What she seems to be oblivious about is the fact that she disappears into the portal every time we look at it.

I hear her as if she is still beside me but she is there on the other side, smiling and happy. But the child in her arms is not me. I do not know who this person is but they have tricked my mother into believing that I am there with her.

I have made every attempt to get on that side of the portal with her. I have smiled at the other child, reasoned with it, yelled at it. I have tried everything conceivable to pass through the portal. Even my mouth could not penetrate the cold hardness that is in the way.

I have started to pound upon the portal to see if there is a weak spot that I could travel through, but the child who has bewitched my mother stops me continually. Every time I put my hand upon it, she blocks it with her own. This is how I know I am doing the right thing, there IS a way to get through.

Now I must figure out how to trick this child into missing my hand as I try to get through to save my mother.  Wish me luck!

2015 Goal Mantra

I am AWESOME just because I exist.

Every morning I awake is another gift, a blessing, even if it is sometimes in disguise. With an eye for the charm and romance of living I will practice aliveness with enthusiasm and aim to do something today that will be a blessing to another being.

I will not be scared of anybody or anything; instead I will pour that energy into being a confident, kind person who will not let people take advantage of me; nor my family. I will not let depression or anxiety get in the way of my successes. “No” will be taken with dignity, not getting me down. By working on keeping both my thoughts and words in good order I will not let negativity take over. I will forgive myself and others, apply my knowledge with wisdom and tact and challenge myself regularly because a person cannot grow without leaving their comfort zone. As I do this I will continue to learn about myself.

I am a spiritual, physical and mental being. By not letting the materialism of the world surrounding me beat me down; I will not forget this. To ensure health in all of these aspects I will meditate weekly for a minimum of 30 minutes, daily practice deep breathing activities and read something educational for a minimum of ten minutes, thrice weekly I shall exercise my body for at least thirty minutes and ensure to eat well balanced meals that have been planned out in advance. I shall ensure to celebrate my spirituality by communing with the outdoors, looking to the skies, ensuring to take part in spiritual holidays and through prayer.

I am a role model, not only for my daughter but for others as well. As much as I would like to have a friendship with my daughter I am her parent first, her life is in my hands and I will do what I can to ensure she grows up to be an independent, strong, beautiful person who is comfortable being herself and doing what she would like with her life. I will foster in her the best parts of me while still remaining true to the person she is.

I am a loving, supportive partner to my man. I will make a point to listen, to open myself up completely and keep my vows to him. While our lives continue to change I will take the time to continue falling in love with him a little bit more each and every day. At least twice a month we will have “date nights” to court ourselves even after marriage.

My family is and will continue to be in my centre.  I will not allow excuses to come in the way of a strong relationship with them. By taking an interest in their lives and being in regular contact with them I will make my connection with them deeper. I will make an effort to do this within my friendships. Weekly activities together will help bind us more closely together.

This year I will abolish my debts completely, get ahead on payments of bills and begin saving and investing for the future. Life is expensive and I will not have money be the cause of distress in my life. I will also apply for insurance policies because things happen that we cannot control.

I will enjoy being able to stay home raising my child, knowing that I will not have to have a J.O.B. that keeps me miserable. Instead I will spend my free times writing weekly, creating and selling beautiful pieces of art and learning how to help others reach their goals and dreams. Come the winter I will work part-time to bring in a little extra for the holiday season.