Teaching Gender Fluidity VS Hatred

I don’t stand for hatred, in fact, it really irks me when I see people use hate against others and pretend that they are making their claims to protect innocents or they hide their hate behind their religious beliefs. There is a time and place to take a stand, most definitely, but shouldn’t love be the ultimate aim? To love our family, our friends, our neighbors, and even strangers.

I grew up in a conservative Christian household and the beliefs I hold differ drastically from those of many people that I grew up around. I disagree with these sentiments but to these people abortion is a sin, being a drag queen or anything else within the queer community is contagious and disgusting, the homeless deserve it as they are all addicts, and forcing your religion upon others is cheered upon because you have planted a seed of faith in someone, who may or may not have needed it. The number of times I’ve had to bite my tongue to ensure civility has been insane.

I on the other hand (no longer a Christian but occasionally an attendee of service) believe that Jesus was a radical liberal and that if he saw what people were doing to others in his name that he would reign down his almighty father’s wrath upon the people who claim to follow them. Jesus, the messiah of Christian lore, lived his life with the people that society at this time deemed sinners and intolerable. He preached about loving one another and not casting judgment. He was the poster child of accepting everyone as they are, loving them unconditionally – as the greek say “agape”.

Anyway, I don’t want this post to become a religious stand-off. Instead, I wanted to talk about something that occurred last week and my opinion surrounding it.

On Wednesday I drove up to my children’s school to pick them up at the end of the day. I arrived early as it is always a nightmare to get parking if I don’t. When I turned off the vehicle an older woman walked up to my door, so I hand cranked down down the window and listened to her for a bit. She told me that she is part of a group of grandparents who are concerned about what is being taught in our schools, then went on to tell me that she has nothing against the gays but feels that our children are being indoctrinated/groomed into believing that there are more than two genders and that children shouldn’t be forced into those beliefs. I stopped her at this point, and politely let her know that she could move on to the next vehicle because I do believe that there are more than two genders.

Scientifically, yes, there are female and male designations for birth. Either you are born with a penis or a vulva. If that is the standard you wish to live your life by, you do you, but it does not change the fact that 1.7% of people are born intersex, and of these, many don’t learn that they are intersex until puberty hits and for example they grow breasts or they end up with testicular cancer as their testicles never dropped and they suddenly have severe pain in their abdomen.

As for those who aren’t intersex and instead are transgender – the suicide rates are incredibly high due to the fact that society doesn’t accept them, instead telling them that they are mentally unwell. Statistics show that 82% of transgender people have contemplated suicide and of those 40% have actually attempted to off themselves. These numbers are astronomical! And completely unnecessary.

There are many cultural centers throughout the world that believe in more than two genders. The fact that Western culture acts as if gender fluidity is a scandal is the problem. Some examples of these other genders include the Two Spirits of the North American Indigenous peoples who are both male and female. The Burrnesha of Albania who are biological women that dress as men and make vows of lifelong virginity. The Waria of Indonesia that are born biologically male but are considered a third gender. Or perhaps the Maori people have a great example with five genders that include the Bissu who transcend gender altogether.

Teaching our children to accept the differences of others is important. And the best way to have them learn is to introduce them to these people and discuss how they differ. This is not forcing the child to become like those who are different but is making it so that everyone has a safe space to be themselves. and it cuts down on toxic behaviors that can cause bullying and harassment. By having these conversations when children are young it can help them have a better sense of self as they get older as well.

As for bringing Drag into it all. There is nothing wrong with dressing up in wigs, makeup, and gowns to have fun. As long as there is a division between the lude acts that are appropriate for adults this shouldn’t be an issue. Women are allowed to dress in “men’s clothing” and historically men would dress as women for stage plays, and in Western culture up until the late 19th century boys would wear gowns until they were roughly eight years old.

I guess the point I’m attempting to make is that people are too worked up about the narrative that there can only be two acceptable genders and they are hiding their hate behind excuses. Everyone should learn about the differences of others, for a multitude of reasons.

If the parents or grandparents of these children feel that school isn’t the right place to learn inclusivity then where else should it be taught? As shown by their behaviors it won’t happen at home partially because most people’s households do not hold enough diversity within their walls to make that possible. but also because their own prejudices will make it impossible.

Okay I think this miniture rant can be over. Feel free to let me know what you think.

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