Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year everyone!

This past year has been much more of a challenge than I thought it would be initially. I am so happy to bring in the new.

There are a few things I want to do today to bring in the new year refreshed. Like painting my nails with the girls, writing this post and setting my intentions for the year. I also wish to replant my Tower Garden, which we have named Phyll (as in chlorophyll).

This month marks one year of having our Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ and it has been such a blessing! I do not have a green thumb despite loving plants I kill them so easily. This tower has made it so we have fresh grown food all year and my kids have been eating more greens as snacks because of it.

All replanted. Keeping the bell peppers from previously though.

I don’t really want my post to become a commercial for the product but seriously, if you are at all interested in one check out the link to my Tower Garden sales page.

Over-all I am excited for this upcoming year. I have already made a general intentions board for this year and over the month plan to make a more detailed one for my costume shop. I want to work on my physical health, have my time with my family be more intentional, be more creative, and I want to spend more time out side.

So you have any goals or plans for the upcoming year?

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