Back to School

Both of the kids are back to school now. Sanura started yesterday and Zenobia had her first (half) day today. I spent the time they were in class washing dishes and laundry, catching up on emails and communications, and going through the costume shop stock to determine what will be on sale at Penti-con and KamCon next month. I felt so productive.

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Lady Bowering is a Canadian life form who finds amusement in making up stories to the actions that people and creatures around her display. In her spare time Lady Bowering can often be found with a cup of tea in hand or using her especially useful talent of napping. A self proclaimed digital-hippie, art lover and a recovering interobang addict she dreams of one day owning a business of her own; as long as she can survive the tickle attacks her family dares to inflict upon her!

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