Easter 2022

For the first time in years, I did not go to church for Easter. Instead, my family decided to have a relaxing weekend at home – for the most part. I worked at least one shift every day except for Sunday.

I think the highlights of the weekend for me were:

  1. Our weekend began on Thursday evening with a birthday party at Scandia. Zen won enough tickets in one game that she was able to get a large Llama-corn prize, which meant that with the saved up Scandia dollars we had both girls could get a fun item to take home,
  2. Watching my kids enjoy their easter treats and play date. Kevin and I set up a string path throughout the house on Sunday for the girls to find their treats from the bunny. Later, we met up at a park with the family of a girl my kids are friends with. There they had an egg hunt, used liquid chalk, attempted to fly a kite, and played on the structure.
  3. I got to enjoy the presence of two cats this weekend. Atticus successfully made it onto his catwalk without help multiple times this weekend. We also got to meet our future kitten, Cloudette. The one-month-old kitten came to visit on Sunday afternoon as we wanted to ensure that she and Atticus would get along, as well as get to meet her ourselves.
  4. Sanura has been requesting our family stream our Minecraft sessions, so we spent the weekend playing with game plug-ins and streaming software. We started a new map on survival mode and had a lot of fun making a home in a cave.

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