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Prior to lockdowns, I had intended to celebrate my 31st birthday with three friends at Sparkling Hills – a wellness resort and spa located on Royce Mountain, just outside of Vernon, BC. We decided to put our trip on hold as we couldn’t actually use the spa or saunas. It took two years but the saunas were finally re-opened! So my friend and I decided that we were going. We left on Saturday afternoon and stayed until Monday.

It was built in 2010 for $75 million and boasts over 3.5 million Swarovski crystal elements throughout the resort. It feels a bit like a maze after pulling off the highway. You drive through a golf community on the way up to the resort to find yourself at a building that has a lot of angles and glass. The lobby has high ceilings accented by gigantic crystal chandeliers, modern artwork and a beautiful view of the Okanagan Lake.

After signing in we went to our room, which had almost no straight angles. The headboards were higher on one end than the other, the shelving that separated the shower and sinks from the bed area was angled, the bathtub that sat in front of a large window was similar to a trapezoid in shape. The usage of mirrors enhanced the space not only to make it feel larger but to add to the elegance.

We utilized the seven different saunas, the hot tub and infinity pool, walking paths, and our room for the most part. But I made a point to walk around the rest of the resort to get an idea of what else was there. I would have loved to have used the tea room more, but as our room didn’t have a coffee maker and the tea bar wasn’t stocked I didn’t really get the chance – something to look forward to next time.

For breakfast, we ate at PeakFine a restaurant located on the first floor of the hotel. It had a chandelier the same shape as the lake it overlooks, as well as a large fireplace. The complimentary breakfast was given to us as a menu to choose from, instead of the regular buffet style that most hotels offer. I tried the goat cheese omelet and the tofu scramble, both of which were delicious.

For dinner, we drove down the hill a bit to eat at Range Lounge and Grill on the first night (where I got the Guinness battered halibut and chips). We intended to go our second evening as well but found they were closed even though it was a Sunday. Instead, we ordered salad and a pizza from Pallino’s. Both places made delicious food.

Overall it was a fantastic visit and I would love to go again.

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