Birthday Vacation

I know I’m late on posting once again, but there is a good reason. Both Kevin and I had our birthdays over the last few days. To celebrate our family went on a bit of a vacation to Harrison Hot Springs Resort (located on the southern end of Harrison Lake, in the Fraser Valley, BC) and we only got home yesterday evening. After dropping off the rental we went for DQ ice cream and discussed the trip. Here is a quick video of what we all thought.

It was a lovely trip. We arrived Saturday afternoon and stayed in the heritage building with a room that looked out over the outdoor pools. The resort has been open since 1886 and was originally known as St. Alice’s Well. The three outdoor and two indoor pools are fed from the local hot springs “Sulphur” and “Potash”.

We swam daily and spent the rest of each day exploring a bit of both Harrison and Agassiz. The kids got to play on a large play structure in each town,

Our first evening at the resort we decided to get a late lunch from Maison d’la Poutine House. It was only a few minute walk and served decent food with a lot of toppings. The children loved that the bench had carved animals and after we crossed the street to play at the pirate-themed play structure. We then took a swim and decided to get pizza for dinner from Village Pizzeria.

Sunday was my birthday and I really wanted to explore the hotel and area. So we ended up in the garden, near the tennis courts. As it was wet, raining on and off nobody was in the area but us. I loved how the trees were labeled with little plaques to tell us the type and any fun information about the planting. The kids found some carved seats that they began to call thrones and we un-officially dubbed the pond area the throne room. We grabbed a coffee from Miss Margaret’s Café (which is basically a mini-Starbucks) and then drove down the highway to Agassiz, where we found most places were closed as it was a Sunday. We ate at Subway for brunch and then played at a local playground before going back to the resort to swim some more. Even though we didn’t get to do much shopping we had a wonderful time exploring. For dinner, we went to Taco Rio.

Monday was Kevin’s birthday. He decided that he wanted to try out the hotel’s buffet breakfast at the Lakeside Café. We arrived just in time to not have to stand in a lineup. All of the dishes listed the allergens which made it easy to decide what we wanted to eat. After breakfast, we went to the Spirit/Bridal Trail. In 2007 a local artist was taking a walk and had a chance encounter with another walker who said that the trees seemed to have individual personalities, this artist started making clay masks to represent those spirits. Afterward we went back to Agassiz to do some tourist shopping (we found this adorable local shop called Blue Dandelion) and to run into a bakery – you can’t have a birthday without dessert right? For dinner, we went to Milo’s Greek Restaurant as Kevin was hoping to get a steak, instead, we ate burgers and fries.

Tuesday morning we slept in as long as we could before getting up to leave the resort. Our breakfast was leftover fries, and sweets from the days prior. We packed up the car and began our trip home, making a pit stop in Port Hope for some real food and a chance to look at some art.

Overall the trip was really enjoyable and way overdue considering we haven’t had a real vacation since father’s day 2020 when we went camping. personally, I’d rate it 10/10 – would love to go again.

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