School’s Out for Summer

It is Canada Day. Masks are no longer mandatory to be worn inside public spaces as of today. I’ll see how that goes while on shift later today. But that isn’t really why I am posting…

The last day of classes was just a couple of days ago. My daughter has lots of ideas for what she wants to do this summer, starting by celebrating her graduation from kindergarten. And to do this she has requested to have kabobs for dinner tonight. Her list of other fun summer activities includes swimming lessons, painting, playing with friends, going to the park, gardening, having a lemonade stand, spending lots of time with grandma, etc.

I’m not sure how I feel about this whole summer break thing. I mean I’m glad to have her home I’ve missed her but my children tend to fight when together for longer than a few minutes and the yelling really gets to me. I feel like a bad parent for saying this but I’d almost rather school be open all year round – just for my peace of mind. I know I cannot be the only parent to feel this way, but the guilt of it all… well you understand.

As we just moved I don’t have any travel plans for this summer. Instead, I want to get things done around our new home. Before September comes around I’d like to have a workstation ready for myself, our home arranged with homes for all of our items, and a better knowledge of the community we’ve moved into. I’m excited for ice cream on the beach, nature hikes surrounded by forest, and the prospect that I may be able to host another Bacon Night.

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