New Home

Well it is official. We are moved into our new home as of a week and a day ago. It was a hectic moving day – or at least it felt that way to me.

My mother-in-law drove for two hours to come grab my crotch-goblins in time for the oldest one to make it to school. She then took the younger one out for a day of fun activities, which included a trip to the Kangaroo Farm and a sneak peak of the house before everything was moved in.

While my children were out from underfoot, my husband and I cleared out the hotel room of our personal affects, washed up the dishes and then drove in separate directions. Kevin went to meet up with our buddy who had secured usage of his work van to help us move our belongings, and I went to get the keys to our new home and offload the items packed haphazardly into the back of my Leaf.

After putting away the carload I drove back down the hill to meet up with my husband, refill the car with some boxes and head back up the hill. Kevin and our friend continued to fill the truck up while they waited for Kevin’s boss and a co-worker to come help get the rest of the furniture into the vehicle.

Not long after I unloaded the second car load, my parents arrived to help me unpack and discuss plans for the house and property. When the guys arrived with the van, we ordered pizza and began to bring the furniture and first batch of boxes into the house. We accidentally told the restaurant that we’d pick up the pizza instead of wanting it delivered so Kevin went off to get it while I directed our wonderful helpers. By the time he got back the first truck load was empty.

Kevin, my dad and our friend with the truck then drove out to the Westside to grab the furniture my parents had waiting for us at their house, while I left to get a car part before N.A.P.A. closed and my mom stayed to move boxes out of the way for the last load of furniture and to begin putting together the children’s bedframes.

By the time my kids were home and everyone left it was dinner time.

And the following week has just flown by. Sanura still has had school to attend, final dance and ukelele lessons were had, summer lessons booked, playdates had… life just continued on. Meanwhile I’ve been slowly unpacking a couple boxes each day and grabbing more from storage as needed. We decided to keep the storage locker until July 13th so we could continue going through our possessions and getting rid of items we don’t really need. Kevin has been busy working between 8 and 12 hours most days and we steal away the time we can get together. Like tomorrow for example – we are planning on having Sanura stay home from school, Kevin has booked the day off and we are going to play at the new playground we just found, purchase some paint and perhaps go for a hike at one of the canyons.

There is still a lot of work to do such as a garden that needs some things transplanted, trimmed back, and cared for, a work station for me needs to be put together, storage needs to be completely sorted and then those boxes need to be cleared and the items homed, rooms given personal touches, plumbing replaced, electrical updates, etc etc.

It’s very exciting to have this new start. Hopefully it will soon feel like home and not just a house we’re starting to settle into. 🙂

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