MPL -Canadian Newsletter -September 28, 2020

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Hello Canada,   Hello World,

This is your newsletter.

News From Home and Front:

June and July were chaotic, dramatic months in Canada. With players that had at one time been well known and liked coming back to play more often. 

There were job shortages and many players were calling out for the need for more regions. With the backing of a group of Canadian government members, (aka “team Canada” as it has since been dubbed by the opposition) law proposals began to get put into place. The opposition, “Team Fish”, was loud in their cries of foul play and impatient for change to happen.

After months of not being available, the new government opened the Homeless Shelter, much to the chagrin of the supporters of Fish. When it was opened Gazoo56 posted a government notice for players explaining that the shelter was most beneficial to new players and what the plan was for the next two weeks in regards to changes in the national laws.  As the month went on JFish47 made reminder announcements of how best the shelter could be used and to let players know when they would begin to lose money by the usage of the shelter.

KittieKay began opening daily medal wars, not caring who the war was against as long as it had short travel times (within 9 hours of vehicle travel).  As Plurf began to get more active in playing, again, he started pumping gold into having bombs ready for future battles.  In what appeared to be an act of revenge. General JFish47 decided to set these bombs off during some of these minor medal wars causing local warriors to be gassed and grief to the current government as they had to deal with the fallout from other countries.

In July, Dusty44 missed the elections giving way to another member of the government to become Prime Minister, Gazoo56 who decided to make an agreement with JFish47 that should theoretically fix the issue of having too few jobs at resource reset.  The plan was to have a few days at the end of the resource cycle in which the minimum wage would be dropped to 5 CAD allowing for players to continue earning their work bonuses, at the end of this time wages would go back up in time for a reset. When at the end of this period JFish decided to block the ability to make the laws as agreed, the other government members decided that it was no longer feasible to work with JFish47.

Throughout July, the founder of our nation, General Plurf, invested 100 euro to the treasury planning to build up our warriors once again. Having also put more bombs into the treasury (that were used on an unplanned war opened by Jfish) Plurf decided that Jfish was an enemy of Canada, publically declaring this before reaching out to players with a plan to earn them money for fighting for the country. Unfortunately, in August he was banned after having arguments with instigator JFish47 that had Plurf accusing the former breaking the rules.

As Plurf was such a major player within Canada this really changed the country. Since twenty-five companies became inactive,  PowerQC, Gazoo56, Newcore2020, Stargate, and others stepped up to open companies in the absence.

The Royal Canadian Armed Forces were forced to close with the banning of Plurf – it was Canada’s original and longest-lasting organization; the faux award for the longest run organization in Canada now goes to The Canadian Worker’s Union.  KittieKay held a position that allowed wars to continue being opened and discounts being given but no new members were able to join as the organization had disappeared from the list of local organizations. So all funds were pulled and members removed. Immediately another war organization was opened to replace the one previously closed.

September’s elections were heated.  Active government members vying to be Prime Minister publically stated their goals for the month of the walls.

Jfish 47 stated/promised :

“5% Withdrawal Tax 28 Mansions at $28.47 rent ENOUGH JOBS FOR ALL WORK BONUSES” and ” $650 work bonus. Minimum wage $12 until the 8th-10th and then $10, only if the job market calls for it will there be $5 during the last few days of the cycle. Also, the average cost of rent should be in the mid $ 20s. I will have 28 mansions at $28.47.”

Gazoo56 stated/promised:

“WB 350 ( reduce new players selecting Canada to start in MPL) – min wage 20 (worker deserves it) -wage tax 5% – possibly reducing the withdrawal tax from a few point”

Arguments were made about how housing prices are not set by the government and shouldn’t be taken as a promise, that the prospect of having JFish47 as leader would close the shelter again, how citizens really didn’t want lower pay and that the work bonus should be only a bonus – not the main form of payment to citizens.

Final Election Results: Jfish47 as PM with 13 votes; rest of the government includes Gazoo56 with 13 votes, Dusty44 with 6 votes, PowerQC with 3 votes, and morgul with 1 vote.

Not even 8 hours later the hate began pouring out on the walls of Canada. Prime Minister JFish47 began his term by selling off all the Euro and Gold that had been built up in the treasury since he was last PM (back in May), including all the donations intended for wars, many companies and players then immediately bought gold making the markets unstable. Susiwar (a player from San Marino) used this as an opportunity to gain as well causing players to begin suspecting the new PM of making deals with other countries outside of the nation’s alliances although these allegations are unfounded. As the Prime Minister continues to sell off gold for Canadian currency the ire of other players has become more commonplace.

On the war front, our daily wars have continued, bring rise to General PowerQc and the wins of multiple regions in time for the mid-month resource cycle.  Despite the wins, Canada’s Prime Minister JFish47 refuses to open public transportation while also complaining about the additional taxation that owning extra regions would cause.  Through donations to the country as patriots, these additional costs have been covered.  

Within mid to late September the discussions on Canada’s walls changed, they became more about the worker’s unions and how they were run as well and should Canada pay the cost to allow citizens to work the third shift again as so many companies are now open and struggling to be worked.

Message from Prime Minister JFish47:

I’d like to thank the 13 who voted to put me back in the chair. Special shoutout to my old cleaning crew who generously came back to work here in Canada after leaving during the job shortage crisis. I must say they did a wonderful job cleaning up the place, it was getting kinda dusty. Some people once told me the job shortage couldn’t be fixed, and I looked straight into their souls and told them to forget the word no and told them to say this with me “Can we fix the job shortage? YES WE CANada”


Liechtenstein’s economy has more or less stabilized and the leadership has begun experimenting with various war tactics on a small scale. With the increased war activity from Canada Liechtenstein anticipates the opportunity to further train and developed their military prowess.  In response to recent changes seen in the game the country is examining possible opportunities and is considering additional expansion paths.

Another Crazy Canuck

“Not you again!” said Queen Elizabeth when Prime Minister Jean Chrétien knocked on her door to speak about a consitiutional matter.  Thankfully, Queen Elizabeth was only joking. She was on good terms with Chrétien, who served as Canada’s Prime Minister from 1993 to 2003.

As for the rest of Canadians, well, he was one of those politicians you either loved or hated, but he certainly made headlines.  Some of his actions make later leaders, such as Stephen Harper, seem more boring than a funeral procession.

Take, for instance, Flag Day on Parliament Hill (pictured to the right).  Chrétien was making his way through a thick crowd when a protester started heckling him just inches from his face.  Chrétien grabbed the fellow by the neck and pushed him to the ground.  It was all caught by the TV cameras.  “He was a lightweight probably. I just moved him out.”  The media soon dubbed this “move” the “Shawinigan handshake” in reference to Chrétien’s upbringing in smalltown Québec.

Scrappy Jean has always been a tough nut to crack.  The 18th of 19 children (only nine of which survived), Chrétien’s boyhood nickname was “Ti-Jean” short for “petit Jean”, even though he would grow up to be six foot two.  He wasn’t the best looking boy and suffered from partial facial paralysis caused by Bell’s palsy, the result of frostbite when, at age 12, he had to walk from his brother’s house to his sister’s wedding in frigid February temperatures. Also, partially deaf in one ear, a problem that dogged him throughout his later career; once, while at a press conference with the U.S.A. President Bill Clinton, Chrétien was asked by a reporter about the illegal drugs that were entering the states through Canada. The Prime Minister hadn’t heard the question properly and quickly quipped, “It’s more trade.” While everyone burst out laughing, Chrétien replied, “Drugs?… I heard trucks!”

As a youth, Chrétien hated his boarding school so much that he concocted a scheme to fake appendicitis and go home early.  He was so good at the prank that the doctors actually agreed to remove his.  Rather than face the music, Jean remained tight-lipped and underwent the surgery. 

While Chrétien may have been a decent actor he certainly wasn’t a good singer.  In 1970 he accompanied the Queen to a plaque dedication for Fort Providence, Northwest Territories.  The event was to cumulate in a public rendition of “O’Canada”,  At the last minute the board president backed out saying he couldn’t sing, so Chrétien offered to lead.  He began to sing in French, forgetting the English lyrics and sounded out of tune, much like nails on a chalkboard.  His wife, Aline, later stated that it was the most embarrassing event of her life. Even Prince Charles, when meeting with Chrétien years later remarked that he had never forgotten the Prime Minister’s name as his “rendition of the Canadian anthem has become legend”.

Despite his gaffs, Chrétien was known as a fierce defender of Canada’s unity, but it wasn’t the only thing he defended. In 1995 an intruder armed with a knife broke into Jean and Aline’s bedroom at 24 Sussex in the middle of the night. Aline had heard footsteps and woke Jean who called the police.  While waiting for the RCMP, Chrétien grabbed the nearest heavy object to use in self-defense – an Inuit stone carving – until police arrived a full seven minutes later.  It was purely Chrétien, utterly fearless and out of the ordinary.

A Guide To MV Battles

In our last edition of the Canadian Newsletter (June 14, 2020), we explained the basics of war. Since then you have fought in some wars, figured out how to get paid for your medals, and are officially a Captain within the military.  It was hard, fun work and now you are ready to purchase an MV (Military Vehicle) from the global or local market.

To keep your new damage-causing toy in tip-top shape for fighting against other MVs, there are a few things you should know.  DJAmnesia has kindly given some tips and tricks to share that he has picked up along the way

Firstly, while it would seem obvious that one should fully upgrade everything available there are advantages to leaving some upgrades for later.  To fully repair your vehicle will take a full 2 hours to complete, making it virtually useless mid-combat, but as upgrades will restore 5000 HP of damage to your military vehicle instantly when applied those hit points can be used when you’re low during mid-combat to stay alive – possibly long enough to escape after having your engine disabled. 

Once you’ve prepared your military vehicle to fight, and you’ve got a few MV upgrades in your inventory for emergency use, you’ll need to start searching for an enemy to attack. Send your vehicle to a region you’re at war with, choosing a sector (1-60) to arrive in.  If your MV arrives and has orders to do War Damage, then you and your MV will appear on the list of attackers or defenders. Sometimes it is advantageous to not appear on this list immediately.  Once your MV has arrived, you will need to search sector by sector (issuing new orders to your MV, and allowing it to travel between sectors), until you find a sector that has an enemy MV in it. 

Once your military vehicle has arrived in the sector with enemies present you’ll need to decide if you can win a fight, or if you should run away.  Some things to look for include:  How long since the enemy MV owner has been online, are there multiple enemies in the sector (are you outnumbered), are any enemies already set to ‘attack others’, how much DPM (damage per minute) and how many HP does the enemy have compared to you, is there a nuke about to land. 

If you determine it’s time to fight, and there are more than one enemy, choose one to be the main target, and use laser beacons on them until they have been successfully set as the primary target.  If multiple enemies ‘wake up’ you may need to set your preferred primary enemy target more than once. 

Ensure your energy level is at, or close to 100% because your energy level modifies your MVs damage output.  Set your MV to attack other vehicles.  While your MV is fighting the enemy, look at how much damage you will do per minute, and multiply that by 30, this will tell you how much damage you can do in a half-hour, which is how long an electronic disruptor will disable an MV for.  Once your enemy has fewer HP than you have as damage in half an hour you should attempt to stun them. It is possible for them to resist this when that happens try again in 10 minutes’ time.  Success will keep them trapped in the sector with you long enough to ensure a kill. 

Never leave your military vehicle in an active war unsupervised for an extended period of time.  While it can take hours for a single tank to destroy another MV, a handful of MVs can deal over a thousand damage a minute easily, making quick work of a lone tank.  It is generally safest to move your MVs to a nearby Capital region (it does not need to be a ‘friendly’ region) when you can’t be online to keep it safe. 

World News August/September

The Czech Rebuplic‘s Prime Minister is jUmpy14 who has a goal of having a peaceful country without internal war.  By limiting the number of workers in the country jUmpy14 is trying to provide jobs for all workers so they can get a nice work bonus every third day.  

jUmpy14 provides energy at low prices and keeps raws within the country to help citizens and company owners make more profit

To new players he requests they stop whining and instead work towards raising their skills. 


Juteux has been the Prime Minister of France for a year this September. He tells us that he will be stepping back from running the country, due to personal real-life reasons, to allow another French citizen to have a turn.  

” We have now French players who are motivated, and who share the same vision of the country with me.  Maybe I will be a candidate again in the future, but I think it’s a good moment to let another player become PM. Change is a good thing.

It has been a really great adventure, and I am really proud of the work done during this year…

France improved its treasury, made a “Bonus Week” in which there is a x2 Bonus, there are 3 more French company owners, and we are taking back our primary resources, step by step.  We also had great investments from strangers which has aided in our stability, a great advantage for us.

We are not interested in wars for the moment. Our objective is to take back all of our resources for the French people and we realize that we are not strong enough for taking back our native regions.

For the future: France doesn’t need more workers currently, but if we keep growing, maybe we will open our doors to workers. We had, 1 year ago, a country in a total mess. Now, it’s a great country to work, invest, and manage companies. I am proud of the work done.”


dmeyer66 has been the Prime Minister of the Cayman Islands for about six months. The goal is for the country to be a worker’s country, and they are currently working on upgrading companies to help with this. Mansions are renting at 0.01 per day and the local market (although missing items) beats the global market for pricing. They have set up free boosts for workers with good wages and workbonus.  After the companies are upgraded the plan is to begin an army.  dmeyer66 says he bought the country to make a place he would enjoy living even if it is less profitable that way – its a lot more fun.

AceHafiz, has been Prime Minister of Brunei for about 8 months after bidding for only 600 euro for a private country. “I going to thanks everyone for not bidding it at that time.”

He started off with three companies (coffee bean, wood and grape) and now I owns 21 companies, having just finished setting up the restaurant chain of companies. The goal, now, is to open all the companies important for clothes chain.

“Please do not ask for permission to open an oil company in my country”.

Brunei has two alliances. The first is with Malaysia for war and the second is with Indonesia for sales of goods – which is for coffee and weapon.

For now, I will not go to war until I finish setting up all company for clothes and vehicles so everyone can relax still a long way to go maybe around next year. Even if we go to war only for gold and medal so do not worry about us taking your region.

Workers get paid on the first of the month based upon how much ES they have on that particular day and how many over time shifts they worked in the last month.  To ensure they are able to work overtime shifts rents and meals are cheap.

With a small population any excess is sold globally (bank transfer purchases and trades for manure is welcome), so AceHafiz is willing to pay for citizens to get books to improve their skills. Citizens are permitted to open ulitiy companies, banks and newspapers. 

To new players AceHafiz says, ” A tip for a new player is that try asking around another country if they can support you with energy and thing for war. Also research their country workplace, company that you can open like a newspaper for cheap and war so you can make some income. Another thing is learning to understand the game like war or making profit through rent house or vehicle. This should help make a new player making a small profit.”

Updates from Discord

These are the updates made by Pegaso within the M.P.L. Discord Server  since the last edition.

To see the rest, please go to the MPL discord or forums.


War Rush Round 1 

Hello everybody, we have a really exciting new event coming up, its called War Rush. You can find the link to War Rush under the ACTIVITIES menu.

War Rush is a special event that rewards players efforts in wars. War Rush is occasionally ran during a 2 week period. 

War damage done from players will be accumulated during this time and when the event ends, gold prizes will be distributed for the top 10 warriors, based on amount of damage done.

The damage per country is also accumulated and a grand prize is awarded to the winning country. The most damaging country will receive an extra native region with the same resources as the capital, this region is immune to wars, however it can be sold. The region ownership will be given to the player with most damage from the winning country.

To participate, you must register in the War Rush page using a Military Form.

Gold Prizes for the TOP10 warriors
7000 Gold
This round will start on 15-09-2020 00:00 and ends on 30-09-2020 23:59 server time, basicly the last 15 days of this month of September 2020. The gold to pay the prizes will come from the Arena Fund.

Prepare and plan well, good luck.

Updates and Tweaks 02/09/20 

• Organizations can now buy boosts for 15 and 30 days, the 15 days boost is a little more expensive per day.

• Military Vehicles blockade feature has been enhanced and now, if a region is under blockade, no one can work there.

• Military Vehicles can now only travel to regions with no wars or if they are participating in that region war.

• Cleaning regions is a little harder now, It requires at least level 5 XP, 35% energy and will consume 25% energy.

• To withdraw money from MPL is now required a verified account.

• In order to run for elections, a player now needs to own at least 2 companies in that country, utilities companies do not count. This change came in late for the current elections. 

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