MPL – Canadian Newsletter – June 14, 2020

Just a quick note for you before you read this. I have copied this newsletter from the site in which I published it – for this reason the formatting is awkward here.

News From Home:

If someone were to look at the history of the Canadian Local Shouts since March they would see a lot happening.  The unfortunate side of politics is that with the many different ways to do things and differing sets of personally held values, arguments can arise and characters of people become visible. But instead of lingering on theatrics lets get into the grit of the situation

In the June elections Dusty44 took over as Prime Minister, with support from his fellow ministers morgul and Gazoo, started his new position with a change of opening a homeless shelter in Canada. The last time a shelter had been opened in January when KittieKay was still Prime Minister. To balance the treasury during this transition the work bonus has been turned down to 6.75 gold

Opening this shelter has been a hot debate as citizens have been asking for it to be in place for months as the rental market was higher than they deemed reasonable.  JFish47 was against opening it as he stated “Snack, mansion, breakfast, lunch/dinner in that order are the most economical energy boosters.”  and “the shelter is meant for players with low energy needs. After a certain point, the shelter costs you money to use ”  There is definitely a bias that comes around when a player owns most of the property within the country and that was quickly pointed out by many. In the end the majority got their wish and the shelter was opened and is now again in regular use,

The job market in Canada has begun to balance itself out some – although there are still spans of time in which there are no jobs available – either due to cool-down times or lack of cheap resources as global prices continue to rise. To aid in this the ability to work a third shift in the country was turned off back in April 2020, when the new ideology laws were put into place.

War Front 

Currently, Canadians are fighting wars on weekdays in regions that are within a couple of hours of travel from us.  The point is not to gain regions, but instead to gain medals and have active players within the country. In the first week of fighting five warriors, each contributed between 20k and 350k damage daily – enough damage to keep wars from being fake, but not enough to really be of any threat to military countries.

Canada isn’t really in a position to do larger wars, with bombs, tanks, and the general medals yet.  We have had three generals in our history of being a nation and none of which are currently partaking in fights within Canada.  Most recent would be JFish47 who became a general in March 2020. Before that General Plurf got his promotion mid-July last year.  Canada’s first would be General Samiel44 who is currently fighting for Faroe Islands.


Alliance and Partnerships: 

With the development of resources done to satisfaction, DJAmnesia has begun working towards a self-sufficient and growing economy for the country of Liechtenstien.

The nation has both an economic and military treaty with Faroe Islands while continuing to support Canada. Previous tensions with Canada appear to have been resolved for the time being.

There has been significant growth in the last few months as the country expanded its workforce and began recruiting warriors.  “We’re still new to this war thing, but it’s getting better. ” say sources within the Liechtenstien! army.


Antknee668 purchased Faroe Islands and became the Prime Minister roughly two months ago. Prior to this he had experience as Prime Minister after founding Ireland over a year ago. At that time Ireland and Canada were allied.

His goals for Faroe Islands include gaining enough regions to support jobs through an entire cycle and to see them prosper, of course. The country has an alliance with Liechtenstein only but is friendly to Canada and her citizens. Although having been fighting the country has yet to hold onto any regions for any significant amount of time. 

Their local market is doing far better than the global market but has further to go before Antknee668 deems it perfect.

Quick Canadian MPL History:

When Canada was opened by Plurf in 2017 there were six other public countries open but private countries weren’t available to purchase. Plurf then opened up the majority of the businesses and began inviting people to the country. Of opening it he says, “Canada was built with teamwork, cooperation, and consideration for others, p.l.u.r.f. – peace, love, unity, respect, freedom”.

After opening the country up, Plurf and his four warriors began to attack whenever one of the country’s regions were taken by another country. By February 2018 to roughly May 2018 Plurf had set up a military alliance with India, USA, and Croatia (calling themselves the Rebel Alliance) to fight against SSSIP (also known as The Horde or Indo Alliance).  SSSIP consisted of Switzerland, Spain, Serbia, Indonesia and Portugal.  During these regular wars between the Rebel Alliance and the Indo Alliance, Canada found itself focused mostly against Serbia which was opened under the leadership of Skirch.

The first Prime Minister that wasn’t our founder was DJAmnesia, beginning in the spring of 2018. Together DJAmnesia, Plurf, and others worked on building Canada highlighting the idea that it was important to help every citizen be able to grow. This became mentality contagious and Canada got to a point in which it had one of the best military presence in the game. The government of the time also ran the military and work organizations and co-ordinated things so well that there was rarely a time when Canada was short on work, in fact, there was talk of opening a third worker’s organization, although that never actually happened during DJAmnesia’s leadership.

In October 2018 a ceasefire was agreed upon between the “Indo Alliance”, who was very prominent during wars at this time, and Canada.  During this golden era, Canada held all of our native regions, Chihuahua and Barranquilla, as well as some others for several months. Canada became allies with Ireland (under the leadership of Antknee668) and it was known throughout the game world that if you took a Canadian or Irish region it would be taken back immediately.

February 2019 General Samiel44 stepped back from fighting in Canada soon after left the game, for a time. A few things shifted alongside this:  Canada dissolved their alliance with Ireland and our October 2018 ceasefire with Indonesia and their friends ended.  At the time we held ten regions that were lost to the four (at the time) major world powers – USA, Belgium, Netherlands, and (under the leadership of Deagle) Liechtenstein. 

May 2019 DJAmnesia purchased Liechtenstein stepping down as Prime Minister of Canada after more than a year of leadership.  In his place, both KittieKay and Plurf took turns continuing to run the country. At this point, our military presence was essentially neutered as all of our large damage hitters had moved away from the country or became busy with real life.  It took a few of resource cycles before other countries realized that Canada couldn’t hold her regions anymore.

We won the region of Toronto in June 2019 and then in August the region of David, both of which were unblocked and taken away from us the following day. During this time General Plurf gained his new rank. By November General Plurf has set up managers for all of his companies – which was the majority of work within Canada – and went to catch lobsters in the Atlantic. With Liechtenstein’s raw resources feeding additional work into the country, jobs were maintained for roughly 40 citizens.

February 2020 brought in a different Prime Minister: JFish47.  He quickly shook the country by changing laws, letting in a couple of hundred people, changing the value of Canadian currency, and building up the war organization. For a short while, it looked as though it might be possible for Canada to gain back her regions. But the treasury was quickly dwindling under the new leadership, even though lots of gold was still being pumped into it. 

Our fights slowly dwindled again which leads us to today,  June elections brought in Dusty44 as Prime Minister. We currently do not own any regions other than our capital. Our military just recently began setting up for low damage medal wars and is looking for more warriors wanting to do a private medal a day. 

A Canadian Language Lesson

In the 2011 census Canadians said that they feel a deep connection to over 200 languages, even though the nation languages are english and french. With a national population of over 37.5 million people, more than 20% of the population have an international mother tongue – with Tagalog having had the most significant rise since 2006.

Other languages that Canadian’s spoke include :
Akan, Amharic,  Albanian,  Arabic,  Armenian, Azerbaijani, Cantonese, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hebrew,  Hindi,  Hungarian,  Ilocano, Italian, Japanese, Kabyle, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Malayalam, Mandarin, Mongol, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Rundi, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, and Yiddish.

This list doesn’t include over 60 indigenous languages spoken across the nation. There are 12 distinct indigenous language families according to Statistics Canada.  The largest language family is Algonquin, which includes Cree languages, Ojibway, Innu/Montagnais and Oji-Cree.

But 86% of Canadians speak english as their main communication in daily life. And no matter where you go in the world langauges are a little bit different from each other. In the same way that spanish speakers in Brazil** have different words from speakers in Spain; english in Canada differes from english in England to english in Australia to… well you get where I am going. 

**edit: Spanish is not actually a language of Brazil. Bolivia would have been a better comparison.

Canadians are well known for saying things such as “grab a 2-4 from the store for me, eh?” and “could I get a double double with my Timbits” and “the wind threw my toque about”.  These are just some of the words that are very Canadian but not necissarily used daily.

For those who didn’t understand the sentences above here are what some of those words mean:

 “2-4” is a case of 24 beers.  On the rare occassion it could be used when talking about the May 2-4 Weekend, which is the weekend in which Canadian’s celebrate the late British Queen Victoria’s birthday, often by drinking beer.

In Canada “eh” is added to the end of statements for these reasons: 1) to check if a listener is understanding and listening to what one is saying; 2) to check for the listener’s continued interest; 3) to check for agreement; 4) to add emphasis to what one is saying; and 5) to turn a declarative sentence into a question 

A “double-double” is a coffee that contains two servings each of sugars and creamer.

Where as a “Timbit” is a deepfried doughnut ball. The name comes from a national chain of coffee and doughtnut stores called Tim Hortons – named after a hockey player who died in 1974.  Fun fact, Canadian’s eat more doughnuts per year than any other country in the world.

A “toque” is a winter hat, normally knit.  It can have ear flaps or not and occassionally has pompoms or tassles upon it.

Now as for the word “about”, there is a long standing gag in which people throughout the world state that Canadian’s say “a-boot” when in reality it is pronounce more like “a-boat”.  

This happens because of an event that happens called a dipthong.  A dipthong occurs when two vowels are beside each other in a word. 

Take the word HOW for instance. The ow can be pronouced with either an “ah-w” or “aauu” like sound combination; or more like an “ahhooo” simular to how Canadian’s say house.  These two sounds differ because of where the tongue is held in the mouth. Either further back in the mouth in a “la” sound position (called raising) or closer to the front in a sound simular to the u in “cut”. 

As you may have guessed by now, Canadian raising isn’t limited to the word how or about.  There are a lot of other words this includes, such as couch, mouth (as a noun), mouse, lout, and so on, but it does not happen in words such as loud, browse, mouth {as a verb}, gouge or vow.

Canadians raising also happens in words such as aisle, where they will use a higher tongue position for the “ai” sound before an “s” making the word sound like.  Raising “ai” is also a very american trait as the the united states also often raise this sound.

So if Canadians are pronouncing house and about with this other diphthong, where did anyone get the idea they were saying hoose and aboot?

The answer to this isn’t in how Canadian’s say the words but how others percieve them. it’s called categorical perception.  This means that your brain tries to percieve the world according the the categories it already knows and it takes a lot of retraining your brain to from another category.  For example, if your language has words for yellow and red but not orange, you’ll group lighter, golden coloured oranges in with yellow, but the darker, ruddier oranges in with red. In the same way, when you hear things if you do not already have a category for a sound, your brain will group it with similar sounds.

A Guide To War

One of the driving forces within the world of My Profit Land is the ability to fight in wars.  Compared to working partaking in wars is much more complicated.

The first thing any potential fighter should do is join a war organization.  Much like worker organizations, war organizations are able to purchase bonuses to aid fighters in creating more damage. They also are able to be given discounts on products from company owners, which will bring down the costs of fighting regularly.

To begin to fight a player will need gold to be able to purchase the needed energy, weapons, clothing, and travel.  This could be done in either local or global markets. All the math provided throughout this article will assume purchasing everything on global at the lowest current prices. As of writing this gold/euro is at a conversion rate of 21.105

Start Up Costs

  • Roughly 45 gold for 6 pieces of two-star attack or defense weapons. (Double this if you would like to partake in both types of wars)
  • Between 10 and 32 gold for 10 pieces of clothing.  This cost ranges so much due to the difference in one-star and two-star clothing For purposes of fighting both sets of clothing are the same.
  • About 10 each coffee and milk to keep energy at 100% while fighting; equaling about 8 gold

Rounding up and add a bit, for spikes in market costs, one would need 65 – 70 gold to start regularly fighting to a private or corporal medal.

A player will face penalties to their attack or defense damage if they are missing even one item from their weapons or clothing, so it is best to ensure all pieces are worn.

Heading to Battle

After the new warrior has their attack/defense weapons, clothing, and energy-providing items they will need to travel to the location of the war.

All of the wars that your country is partaking in can be found on your home screen. Look through the list for the war you will be fighting for.  Once found, click on the blue (or red) magnifying glass to open up the battle. This can be found in the image below circled in blue.

Within the battle page, on the top right-hand side will be a grey box with a black location marker next to the name of the region. This can be seen below,circled on the image to the right.  When clicked a box will open asking for you to choose the method of transportation. If it is a region that your country currently own it could be possible to travel for free to fight using the public transportation system. 

Once selected you have begun traveling when you click the Travel button in the bottom right corner of the box.

If the distance is long or you are in a time crush you are able to fast travel for 0.1 euro by clicking the button beside your travel time – this is found where the cooldown for work shifts is usually found.

Beginning to Fight

To gain the most with every hit the warrior should have full energy before hitting the red button that reads attack or defend. By hitting this button damage is made to the region, not to other warriors.

Underneath the box that tells the effective damage are two brown and two light grey buttons used to easily increase your energy for your next hit.

Beneath that lays the attacker and defender columns that showcase the damage that each fighter makes. In each column the players who have attacked the region are shown with how much damage they have done.  If a tank has been used an additional marker will appear beside their damage amount. This is shown in the image below with a green dot.

To fight can be as simple as boost your energy, attack, wait five minutes and repeat until you reach your desired medal. Waiting five minutes between each hit can take a long time when you want to become a general.

Higher Damage Fighting 

Milk gives 2% energy and is great for small boosts but can also be used to create a lot of damage in a short time.  It has been proven that a warrior who starts off without War Specialist can make it all the way to General in 45 minutes with milk alone. But this is expensive!

Once 350,000 damage in a 48-hour span as been reached warriors have the option to become a War Specialist. To find this open the My Weapons and War Information page. The image below shows the green button that activates it.

Being a War Specialist allows you to drink Mocaccino – which gives 20 energy every five minutes. This means the warrior is able to get four hits in before needing to raise their energy again.

Another perk is being able to drink beer and wine twice as much as regular citizens. Beer provides 8% energy and wine will range by quality up to 25%.

Every 48 hours this special needs to be reactivated.  As long as you have been doing daily Lutenient medal damage or more a warrior is able to make or surpass the required 350,000 damage. But don’t forget, the paperwork needs to be signed off – the warrior will need a Military Form in inventory.

Medals, Ranks & War Fund 

Warriors need to gain medals to win military ranks. The first 10 medals are the “cost of that title” (additional medals are sellable). Earning a rank gives a warrior a higher damage output. At Private it is +5%, Corporal +10%, Sergeant +15% and so on until General +40%

By scrolling down to the bottom of the war there is a section called Medals which breaks down how much damage is needed to earn a given medal.

There are two gold earning opportunities when aiming for medals, the first is for the warrior themselves. While earning themedals a warriors is able to be paid for the first 10 if there is enough gold in the War Fund.  The euro in the fund is turned into gold every half hour – server time, not war time.

The second gold earning amount is shown in brackets immediately beside the first amount.  By being in the attacking organization this gold can be won to offset costs of running the organization and even make the members profit.

Although it is important to aim for gaining the payments to ensure your costs are covered and you become profitable, but if you do not earn gold from the fund you’ll still have the medal that can be utilized later.

Selling Medals

Once Military Rank has been reached every additional medal is able to be sold but before a warrior can sell them they must collect them.  To collect the medals go to the My Medals page and click on the gears beside the military ranks. 

Once collected, these medals can be upgraded to the next level of collectable medal, sold, or traded in the market for other items to use within the game. 

To sell a medal within this page, for gold, a warrior must wait for a selling session to happen. Only one medal can be put up at a time in a selling session.

The other option is to go the Medal Market where medals can be sold to other players. When this page is scrolled down a section appears in which players are able to put up their own purchase orders.

The  Medal Shop allows players to trade their medals for items, such as ink, chocolate, military schematics, tank consumables, deeds for generals castles, and bombs.

Bombs & Tanks

All of the bomb types do damage to the region and each bomb type has its own special effects. Bombs are launched from country storage by only a General, they can be purchased from the Medals Shop or sold by a military factory owner. Any and all bombs purchased from the medals shop are delivered directly to the country storage, leaving the purchaser without the item.

Chemical Bombs reduce all players in a region to 1% energy and prevent increases from hourly energy calculations. These effects can be countered by the use of gas masks by defending players, or by consuming cheese which is very expensive, but provides both a 50% energy boost and cures the poisoned condition.

Ballistic Missiles deal 10x damage to bunkers. Bunkers can be put down on any region owned by the defending country’s government at a cost of €1. They reduce attacking players’ damage by 20% and have 15,000,000 hit points. 

Nuclear Bombs destroy a portion of all remaining resources in a region and deal damage to any MVs that are present (not traveling).

CBs 15 minute fly time 150 000 damage

BMs 60 minute fly time 300 000 damage

NBs 360 minute fly time 4 000 000 damage

Bombs must be sent with their fly time plus 10 minutes remaining in the war, bombs sent with less than 12 hours remaining in a war extend the war by 10 minutes.

Military vehicles [MVs] become available starting at the rank of Captain when you gain access to the Heavy Tank.  Subsequently, the Bomber Jet becomes available at the rank of General.

The MVs can be purchased on the global market but to send them on to fight is done through the My Vehicles page. Upgrades can be found in the same area of the global market.

Tanks require Diesel to travel, while Bombers take Kerosene.  Travel between sectors within a region takes 5 minutes and can be ‘fast traveled’ for a cost of €0.05.  There are 60 sectors in a region, typically players will hide their MVs, set to do war damage, in one of those sectors to help win the battle.  Sometimes players will search for enemy MVs to fight against directly, which can only be done with MVs that are in the same sector.  the CIA upgrade can allow Generals to scan for enemy MV locations up to once every 12 hours, at an expense of 100 Electricity, paid from the country storage.

MVs should be upgraded before fighting, damage is based on the upgrade level of the weapons, and the energy level of the owner.  It is recommended that new MVs only upgrade the weapons to start and use the remaining upgrade slots to instantly heal 5000 HP during the fighting.  When an MV is destroyed it will lose one upgrade at random, or if it’s at level 1 in each of the upgrade areas it will be completely lost.

Medals can be spent on consumables for MVs that can be used to set a specific target for all allied MVs to attack, or to immobilize an enemy MV to prevent it from escaping.  There are also repairs that will return an MV to full HP but only after a 2-hour timer.

World News

MT has been the Prime Minister of Venezuela for about a year now. His main goal is to build a country where all of the citizens have the same opportunities to grow and get both good profits and gaming experience.

The country has a military alliance with Monaco, and have been able to procure some regions.  This has allowed them to have more workplaces and with the extra raw materials they are able to produce much cheaper consumables for their soldiers and workers.

Their production is focused on satisfying the local market. All of the products on the local market are discounted making them cost less than their global counterparts.

To new players MT advises that you to read the documentation and laws of MPL, play fair – do not cheat, be polite to everyone and everyone will be polite to you, and of course, give the opportunity to the war system, that he believes is the “best thing that MPL has”.


blue_angel has been playing mpl for a little more than three years, and has been the Prime Minister of Thailand for about six months.  The country has not partaken in any wars for a long time, and has no alliances or any boycotts. 


The current Prime Minister of Slovenia is Flamenco whose suggestion led to Denoman76 and desertfox00 who have both been playing as citizens of Slovenia.

They tell us that Slovenia is developing nicely, the nation is providing work for 30 citizens and has some domestic products that are a little cheaper than the global market.

There are currently no alliances but the country is not opposed to discussions of one in the future. There is also no wars happening as they are unable to compete with countries such as Kosovo or Madeira who currently hold a number of their regions  They say this is because those countries have advantages that make them stronger and help the control not only wars but the markets as well. Denoman76 says unless Nicmo changes the rules of the games to aid smaller countries it’ll be extremely difficult for them to take over their regions again.


Vatican – TheParagon

 am the first private country owner i moved in 9/4/18. I’ve pretty much finished the goals i had for the country. i never really felt like warring or expanding this country much past myself to the likes of the top countries so no alliances atm i guess.

the population is mostly based on how many jobs i have available but i always let people in if they want. pretty much everything i put on the local market is cheaper than global but its not complete.

I suggest that new players whenever possible do offers, get their friends to play and strive for reliable passive income and a private country if they have the time and money.


In October 2019 we spoke to ChooseAnotherNickName about Brazil. At that time they were hoping to increase their population and perhaps take back a couple of their regions.

Today, they are still short on manpower but production has gotten better. The local market now contains all meals except snacks, Wine, beer and coffee is cheaper than global market.  They are also able to supply their warriors inexpensive weapons.

They are working on building up an army and while searching for good fighters they are beginning to get some ranks. Their goal is to eventually conquer all of the regions and keep them defended


In October 2019 we spoke to Edwin8686 about his private country Algeria, this is the update he gave us:

[Since then] there have been no extreme changes, in particular, to be noted, all benefits that were offered a year ago are still being supplied to citizens (free beer, shelter e.t.c). Citizens are all still workers, if they want to be warriors, I would offer them options to other countries, as Algeria has no intentions currently, nor in the future to become a warring country. Local products are just as barren as before, with the only local product on sale being Wine, at a discounted rate cheaper than global the only necessary product for local in my opinion.

Ideology law changes have had no impact on my country thus far, there is no need for me to use trade agreements or embargoes against other countries and overtime work is completely up to the player. The only ideology that may come into play is national raws. As of current, I hold all companies in Algeria, and it would only be an inconvenience and useless action to activate. However, this may change if another player attempts to set up raw companies and leech off the country. Though I doubt I will ever have to do it, as it would be a loss to both myself and them. Since I’d be forced to open new companies to use the raws before selling the products globally, while they would have wasted their ‘investment’ since they can’t sell raws overseas.

What I value in my country above all is stability, I want the players to know what they will be getting, and having the confidence that it won’t be changing or fluctuating constantly. Over the past almost 2 years, work bonus and wages have only been changed twice, to match the changing value in Gold to Euro and work bonus of other countries.

As with my last interview, I stated my country caters towards those who either don’t have time to play the game actively or don’t plan to invest real money into the game, this has not changed. All they are required to do is work, and get paid its as simple as that. As with myself, I consider myself ‘retired’ from the game, I login once or twice a day to ensure my companies are running properly before logging off and going on with my day. For those in my country who want to be more active in the game and find some action, I will always try to help them out.

I do not have any plans to expand my companies or spend time to research any new profitable business ventures. I’m very happy with my achievements in the game and content with what I have currently. I invested close to 600€ over the span of a year, and my network would be around 1,800€ today if I did not withdraw regularly. So I can say I’ve achieved my goals, which honestly, was comprised of enjoying the game, and maybe making a bit of profit if I could as a plus. I’ve experienced most of what the game has to offer, company management, warring, being in a community, researching and gathering data on what investment would be best, and finally,
running a country. Unless the game has a massive overhaul which I doubt will happen, I can confidently say myself and Algeria will continue on its current trajectory. Put it nicely, its a stable country, more bluntly and it would be called stagnate. But I’m perfectly fine with that and I think my workers are too, the ones who have stuck with me since day 1 of Algeria

Updates from Discord

These are the updates made by Pegaso within the M.P.L. Discord Server  since the last edition.

To see the rest, please go to the MPL discord or forums.

 Updates and Tweaks 29/03/20 

• When a citizen is kicked from a private country, they will go back to the previous country but the citizenship request is no longer deleted as this was unintended and made it possible to send a new citizenship request. The interval between citizenship requests is always 30 days.

• Its now possible to check what countries have trade agreements or embargoes by visiting the country information page.

• A few visual tweaks.

Updates and Tweaks 04/04/20 

The last part of the recruits change is here.

• The free recruitment, supported by the countries governments was dropped. Unlocked recruits will have to undergo an auction before changing owner.

• All recruit changes are now done using auctions, you can see the auction rules from the Markets -> Recruits Auctions page

• There are now 3 types of recruit auctions, Player to Player, War Fund to Player (Abandoned), Arena Fund to Player (Unlocked).

• Player to Player is a normal player transaction, similar to company auctions.

• War Fund to Player are the regular Abandoned Recruits auctions, the funds go to the War Fund when the auction finishes, the auctions moved from the Abandoned Recruits page to the new Recruits Auctions page.

• Arena Fund to Player are the unlocked recruits auctions, these funds will go to a new Fund, the Arena Fund.

• A new fund was created, the Arena Fund, this fund will be used in the Arenas, they are still under development. Arenas will be a big big part of MPL.

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