Event Updates 2020

Hello everyone, I just though that I’d give you an update as to what will be happening to our events this year ( exact dates can be found on our 2020 event page).

Since March, when I received my first email of the year stating that due to Covid-19, events will be pushed to a later date; I have been unsure of what would be happening with my costume shop. I was worried that like other small businesses, this might be enough to make me close down. Here we are now in May and I think we’ll be okay.

We still plan to attend any events for the year that are still happening.

With this most recent corona virus being active, and knowing (from the patterns of history) that we still have a long way to go before this has ended, we have been discussing how best to set up the costume shop this year and next to ensure minimal contamination of our items, to keep us all healthy.

For anyone who would like to dig through our trunks, we will be providing gloves, and a small garbage can. We’d like you to wear a mask during your search as well. If you do not have a mask, we have some for sale. We request only going through the trunks if you have an idea of what you are looking for.

We will have sanitizer set up upon our retail tables and welcome you to use it before and after touching any goods.

As always we will be using Square readers to process card payments.

Kelowna Fan Experience and Penti-Con:
Have both pushed their events into 2021.

Kelowna Comic Con:
Is still as of right now, happening in August as originally planned.

Still plans on keeping their October dates as planned.

Vernon Comic Con and Northern Fan Con:
Both events have moved to September 2020. We plan to attend on these new dates.

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