MPL – Canadian Newsletter – March 17, 2020

This newsletter is shared keeping the format from the original newsletter I wrote in game. Due to the sizing of the columns in my website versus the size of the columns used in MPL newspapers the images do not line up perfectly with the text.

Hello Canada,   Hello World,
This is your newsletter.

News from Home


February was a chaotic month for Canada while Prime Minister JFish47 created a lot of growth in a very short time.

The first major change in Canada was the value of her currency. Naturally sitting at roughly 65 CAD per gold before JFish came into power, it was first artifically pushed down to the low 40s.

Almost all companies had to reset the values of their products to be able to sell on both the local and global markets. While a few companies were repaid for this expense, most were not.

Next, seeing as this push wasn’t what was actually needed, the currency was flung to over 80 CAD. Business owners were not pleased with this developement as they had just spent a lot on getting their companies adjusted. While companies tried to get themselves rebalanced, the influx of new players and the new Prime Minister jumped in to open more companies, that could profit immedately from the changes.

Since then the value of CAD has naturally found its way back down to where it sits as I write this : 56.9 CAD to a Gold

More Population = More Work ???

By the end of February the population of Canada had grown from just over 40 players to having more than 180. With this more jobs were needed.

Two additional woodcutters, one cow farm, four coffee shops, one coffee plantation, one foundry, one vineyard, three wineries, one restaurant, three newspapers, one brewery, one knowledge academy, a glass factory and a veggy farm all opened through the month.

Although many of these companies that were opened could run purchasing their goods from global and setting up lower wages to offset the costs, the new resource gathering companies caused issues in the previously balanced economy.

No public discussion about opening more companies happened before players decided upon opening these particular additional companies. So now, there are resource wars and companies that have been running since Canada opened are unable to keep their promises to long time suppliers.

UnRelenting Citizens

Citizens were not happy though. New players were not earning enough to rent a mansion, as the price of them doubled over night. This was able to happen as the Prime Minister has a near monopoly on properties within Canada. At the same time he did this, he dropped property taxes down to nothing and lowered the wages were dropped to the minimum of 5 CAD and the treasury’s euro liquified into gold.

Lichtenstien who had an agreement to help Canada as long as KittieKay or Plurf ran the country, became bristled, new negotiations had to be made to ensure their resources would still be pushed into Canada for the usage of her citizens.

All the changes happened quickly.  And citizens noticed that their wages were lower by far, that they were not making as much as they used to. For players who have been playing for longer than three months or who were able to consistently get their work bonus. the new plan to have lots of low paying wages and have a work bonus of at least 10 gold was alright. But with the population growth jobs were harder to come by and many missed their chance at being able to get the work bonus. 

Public out cry began on the wall of Canada and JFish47 kept making the same arguement, that the work bonus made up for the low wages and that players needed to learn how to do math.

While this was happening JFish47 only had one other person in government to attempt to keep things balanced, KittieKay.  But one vote against three doesn;t do very much.

On the War Field

Canada seemed a little erratic during February’s fighting.  They began with a plan to only target Canada’s regions or regions close to Ottawa, but quickly those changed into global shouts dissing Antartica when in reality the fights came against any country with a region available to open upon.

The war bonus would become 100 CAD per 10000 damage whenever the PM fought but as soon as he was done he would drop it back down to 0 so that other warriors could not benieft from the bonus.

Meanwhile, the only attack weapons company in Canada began having issues producing enough weapons for the warriors. 

Global Impact

On the global front Canada made a few waves.  The market began to rise in value partially in thanks to the continual purchasing and moving of regions – created from war, as well as from the mass amount of items being purchased to keep afloat the new companies.

Come March

The 205-ish citizens were split on opinions come the elections.  And for the first time in about a year a full cabinet of ministers ran.

In the end JFish47 became prime minister again.  Spanish86, KittieKay, morgul, dusty44, gates401 and Jaysanjava became ministers. 

In the first week of the month, during the wars, Antartica came to play on the local shout as he promises to attack Canada whenever she gains a region.

With the mid month resource refresh came new ideology laws. Prime Minister JFish47 decided to ban dealings with Liechtenstien – a country that has been feeding resources into Canada since purchased by DJAmnesia about half a year ago. 

As to what will happen next?  Only time will tell.  The fact of the matter right now is that Canadians aren’t happy and the country needs to settle,

Radio Fezzie

Do you like to listen to talk radio or music while stuck in the grid-lock during rush hour?  Then you’ve got Reginald Fessenden, the worl’ds first disc jockey and unsung Canadian hero, to thank for that.  Between 1886 and 1890, Fessenden was an assistant in Thomas Edison’s laboratory and told the famous Edison that he could send human speech through the air without wires. 

Edison replied, “Fezzie, what do you say are man’s chances of jumping over the moon?  I figure that one is about as likely as the other.”

But it was Fessenden who later rigged up the first wireless station, sending the first voice transmissin in 1900 from Cobb Island near Washington, DC, to his assistant 80 kilometeres away, and then sending the first radio broadcast in 1906.  He transmitted a portion of Handel’s music played on a phonograph, then played a bit of violin and read from the Bible.

With such ground breaking technology, you would think Fesseenden could have easily recieved funding from the Canadian government.  But they said “no” because they had already contracted the project out to Guglielmo Marconi, the American who sent Morse code messages from Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland, to Cornwall, England. It didn’t seem to matter to the government that Fessenden could send actual spoken words and not just dots and dashes. 

Instead, Fessenden recieved moeny from two Pittsburgh millionaires and went on to create over 500 inventions, including radio sonar, a turbo-electric drive for ships, the wireless compass and, in 1927, a patent for an early form of television.  

He even helped to build the first power-generating station at Niagra Falls. By his own accounts, Fessenden did all this while he was struggling monetarily and fighting court battles.  Before he died, he wrote that he was “ridiculed by journalists, businessmen and even other scientists,” but in the end, he was glad for his inventions.  Fessenden was buried in Bermuda in 1932; a memorial to him, written in Egyptian hieroglyphics, states, “I Am Yesterday and I Know Tomorrow.

One of the ways to earn money in My Profit Land is by recruiting citizens. This menu is found under the “Markets” tab and then “Recruits Market”.

You can search for recruits by their minimum energy, how long the since last day they were active, by a maximum spending amount, by player username, or a mixture of these.  A player will only show in this list if they are up for sale.

When looking for the best valued recruit to purchase there are a number of factors one should consider.  An easy way to get an over view of these factors is by making a spread sheet as there are many things to take into account before making your purchase.

It is preferable to start by finding players that have played within a couple of days and keeps their energy higher as both will impact the amount of gold you can earn from the potential recruit.

When one has found a recruit they are interested in, they should find out more about the recruit by clicking on the recruit’s personal page.

To ensure the recruit is worth purchasing the buyer will want to figure out when the player registered, if they have been sold in the last 6 months of playing (this step is time consuming as you rake through their transactions) and how much gold they have earned their current recruiter in the time they have been owned. 

Other things that are beneficial to look into is if the player fights in wars, owns any companies or recruits themselves, if they have joined an organization or invested into the game.  With the recent changes to the game mechanics, finding players who fight daily is an important thing to do.

With all this information input into a spread sheet a player can attempt to figure out which recruit is best for them to purchase.  Even with all this information though it can be difficult to make a decision as the cost of purchasing a recruit will matter.

Personally, I like to ensure I can make my investment back on a recruit within two years based on the amount they have earned their current recruiter.  This number can be changed to suit a players own needs.

If a potential recruit is found but costs more than you are willing to pay, send a direct message to the current owner of the recruit asking if they would be willing to negotiate a different amount of payment for the recruit.

To ensure you do not loose you recruit, you must pay half a euro monthly to keep them blocked.  To do this you will need to go to the “My Recruits” page. Once there you can block the recruits for as long as you wish, this is also where you can set up a selling price or unblock recruits that aren’t worth keeping.

If a recruit has been playing for three months or less it can be difficult to tell how much they would actually be worth.  If you are interested in purchasing a newer recuit it is best to send them a message to see if you can make purchasing them beneficial to both you and them.  For example, if they agree to work twice daily to recieve the work bonus in their country, prehaps you would be willing to send them gold for learning books or a set of armour to ensure they will be able to make more gold, in turn making you more of a profit in the long run.

The risks of purchasing recruits is that they could stop playing suddenly or be banned.  If the recruit has been offline long enough their account will be shut down and their gold earnings is moved along to the owner of the recruit, any companies the recruit has do not move on to the owner.

World News

Madeira is a private country owned by Prime Minister Pegaso since it was purchased in mid November of 2018.  Prior to that, beginning in 2017, Pegaso had been a part of the government of India, sometimes as Prime Minister other times behind the scenes.

Madeira aims to keep an above average quality of life for its citizens and to always have daily wars available. With a population of 35 – 40 citizens, they maintain roughly 32 regions.  Unless a player leaves the country, they do not accept new citizens as they are maintaing a balace with quality of life relative to wages and work bonus.  All products are muich cheaper in Madeira than on the global market. Almost everything is sold to the Maderian citizens, very little is sold outside the country.

Currently Madeira has no real alliances.  But in the past they have had alliances with India while they were at war with “The Horde”. (Serbia, Kosovo, Portugual, Gibraltar + Switzerland + Indonesia + Monaco + Singapore + more). Eventually a peace treaty was signed with these countries, that is currently in effect.

To new players, Pegaso suggest, ” There are many newspapers around with guides and tips.  The documentation is also a good source of information – so new players should read all this. They should also join our community in the Discord chat and ask for a role, then after reading what I mentioned above, they can put questions there about things that they don’t understand.”


toroscizi and mercizi run Malta together, when they arrived in the country there were over 120 citizens, and their original changes to the country didn’t work out they way they had planned.  Players wouldn’t join in fights and they would leave. Since then their alliances have been disbanded and they no longer have any regions, they have also lost some players.

toroscizi became a patriot to the country and used the gold for work bonuses for his remaining citizens, the only catch was that wages were extremely low for citizens.

Currently within Malta all products are selling with at least a 10% margin. Many companies in Malta are being managed in such a way that owners do not have to pay for licences, and their products are being mostly redirected into other Malta companies.  The local market is doing decently because of this.  One gold is worth about 87 mlm

  • weapons  190 mlm
  • moca 80 mlm
  • coffe 29 mlm
  • wine 14 mlm
  • beer 14-15 mlm

toroscizi says that new players should search for what will they do.  For example if they do only work, they must choose a place that gives them the best wage + best work bonus while regularily checking the country fund.  If they choose the wrong country they will want to the quit game and not play any more.  If players do their research they can earn really good money.  


Detox842 was been the Prime Minister of New Zealand for roughly three months although he has been in the country for two years.  Previously the country was ran by Maverick, who is currently working on real life things, once Maverick returns Detox842 plans to return the position.

He has been working to enrich the lives of the workers, having raised wages and lowered all taxes to minimum.  The next step is to keep jobs running while ensuring they can make a profit with finished products on the global markets. In long term planning, they hope to set up all raws as national and prepare to go to war for their native regions. The country currently has no alliances but have many friendships, with players such as Dyzek16, DJAmneisa, Maverick, and more.

As tips for new players. Detox842 suggests that players “need to join a country that pays well in work bonus and wages each day. Invest in a company and find partnerships. It is the best way to move up, as you can share products or set up a production line.”

BiangKerok has been the Prime Minister of Morocco for about six months.  His goals for the country are to just focus on resourses – to do this he is not allowing new citizens and has alliances with Gibraltar and Isle of Man


Nigeria has been run by Patsfriend for roughly a year.

They have no need for regions as they have an alliance with the Netherlands and their supplies are at or below cost.  Their own local market is at least 50% less than global market.

“Choose wisely which country and PM to trust”


Norway is ran by a group of players who share the role of Prime Minister. At the time of inquiring for this paper Valek was in the position.  Their goals for the country are to have it grow in all aspects but with more focus on their military and local market as their products are mostly more expensive than global..

Norway has no alliances as they like to work alone, growing with their own effort, but they do have contacts within some countries that they work harmoniously with.  They currently hold no regions and are alight with that as they play more for fun than to build profit. 

Valek’s would like new players to know, that they won’t become rich in this game, and instead should mainly play for fun. Decide what is more fun for yourself – either playing in a small growing country or a large monopolist in which you could get bored with fake wars or having to put in little effort to win.


Portugal has been run by StvnTchys since February 2020.  

The following is how he responded to our inquiries, 

” We have several goals that we are currently working on. It’s our priority to create stable growth of economy, comfortable environment for the citizens and develop our country further. Therefore, we are inviting potential investor that intend to become citizen.

Regarding alliance, we are strong but not as we’d like to be to make a beligerent alliance. However, we intend to build good relationship with all countries and it’s our first priority to have economic relationship with other countries. We are open to any economic relationship discussion. Just after when we are well developed, we will start to think about war alliance.

For new players that want to join Portugal, there are experienced players willing to teach and help you to grow. We are inviting new players that interested to join Portugal and our team.

Other tips for new players, I have some good premium newspaper out there dedicated to help them. “


More than two years ago Russia was created by Chingiskhan, who is still the Prime Minister. 

Russia has very few players which leaves them with a lot of free jobs and unused resources. They prefer to use the Russian language for communication.

They aim to have more players come to the country to aid in developing Russia, once this is done they plan to become stronger and fight for their regions.

To new players, Chingiskhan says to not be afraid to invest real money into the game to help develop your account.  This is the only way to achieve the well-being and prosperity of your country.

Updates from Discord

These are the updates made by Pegaso within the M.P.L. Discord Server  since the last edition.

To see the rest, please go to the MPL discord or forums.

Hello, a few more changes to the game, mainly balancing. Some of them are quite important, please make sure to read and understand them well.

• A new ideology was created, governments can now choose if they want to allow overtime work in their country or not.
• Only prime ministers can start an Ideology change, all government members can vote.
• Ideology change proposals cost 5 euros paid by the country funds to the Partners Fund.
• Bank owners can no longer make self loans to avoid taxes.
• To queue a collectable medal in selling sessions now requires that a player has earned 1 medal in wars in the last 24 hours, instead of 36 hours.
• The Global Market Fund now shaves 15% of every global sale instead of 10%
• The Global Market Fund no longer pays for active workers, it now pays recruiters for active warriors instead.
• An active warrior has energy above or equal to 15%, has earned a medal in the last 24h, is verified and his account is older than 3 days. The recruiter will receive a bonus in Gold, depending on his recruit energy level.

The change to Global Market tax and payments tries to penalize those companies in countries that dont sell local, there are many countries that do not want to enter in wars but sell their products to others that do, while not risking much and profiting from others that do. The 15% tax might go up in the future.

~Pegaso, March 13, 2019

Hello, a couple updates today. More coming very soon that will change how recruitment and recruit selling works.

• The top 5 “always sell” from selling medals sessions has been removed, it creates too many problems within the community with players trying to cheat and others with accusations about it.

• It is now required to have and spend 1 Governmental Form for every law proposal, alliance proposal and alliance accept actions.

• Newspaper copies are now created in increments of 10 instead of 20.

~Pegaso, February 9, 2020

Some resources have been lowered in a few regions, capitals remain the same.

The resources were Wood, Cotton, Sand, Vegetables and Wheat.

~Pegaso, March 15, 2019

2 new Ideologies for governments to fiddle with.

• Trade Agreement – Countries can now select 1 country to have a trade agreement with, for this agreement to work, both countries must setup their laws, similar to alliances. When a trade agreement is set, all sales between them will pay a 5% tax to the Global Market Fund instead of 15%

• Trade Embargo – Countries can now select 1 country to ban all trade. If country 1 embargoes country 2, then no one can sell or buy between them, even if country 2 has nothing set to embargo.

~Pegaso, March 16

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