MPL – Canadian Newsletter – February 9, 2020

This is the first of the Newsletters that I am archiving before they disappear from the game. This is not the first newsletter I have ever written. Within the two or so years of playing My Profit Land I have written roughly a score of these Newsletters, plus I have shared stories and more.

This newsletter is shared keeping the format from the original newsletter I wrote in game. Due to the sizing of the columns in my website versus the size of the columns used in MPL newspapers the images do not line up perfectly with the text.

Hello Canada,
This is your newsletter.

If you would like to contribute an announcement to the newletter please have your submissions into KittieKay either by direct message or on the Canadian / Liechtenstien Discord by the 11th of the month to allow for time to do any edits that may be needed before mid-month publishing

Please join us on the Canadian / Liechtenstien discord channel.

News from Home

November through January saw very little growth for Canada, instead the country focused on slowly working towards brining in more work and upping the work bonus. With February brought a change in government, with JFish47 taking over as Prime Minister.

He was quoted as saying, “We’re all working together for the same goal, to profit, every idea shared helps and everybody working together helps. Let’s keep our growth going and see how good we can make Canada!!”

In the few days since being elected, Jfish47 has made a number of changes to the Canadian laws; dropping the minimum wage, removing ministers wage, and changing the wage, property and company withdrawl taxes.

On the war front Canada has been slowly seeking dedicated warriors to join our ranks.  Although not a great threat at the moment the Canadian military is beginning to earn back some of her regions for short periods of time.

Most recently Montreal (Jan 13th) and Halifax (Dec 17th), both of which were unlocked and taken back.  The numerous fake wars that had been accumulating has now been eliminated.

The Canadian Worker’s Union organization needs more member so the +20% productivity bonus can be kept active.  The basic requirement is to donate 16 gold per month.   Discounts are available for organization members on both local and global goods.

News from Liechtenstien

Liechtenstien continues to improve and restructure their work force.  Much of the initial growing pains have been dealt with and prospects for growth remain high.

However, economic tensions appear to be growing between Liechtenstien and long time ally Canada. At this point of time all pre-existing deals are continuing to be honoured.  

Looking to the future Liechtenstien appears to be stockpiling an assortment of products though no official word was made as to what they are for.

PM DJAmnesia was interviewed for the World News section of this paper, you can find this further down in this newsletter.

One Crazy Canuck!

As a boy, Archibald Stansfield Belaney dreamed of escaping his native England for Canada.  He wasn’t the happiest child, abandoned by his father and left in the care of two strict aunts.  When he was 17, Archie finally left his homeland and traveled to Temagami in northern Ontario.  Archie felt right at home in the untamed wilderness of the early 20th century.  He fought fires, trapped and, for extra income, used his writing talent to pen adventures that he sold to newspapers back in England.  He even married an Ojibwa woman named Angele Egwuna but like his father, Archie didn’t turn out to be the best family man.  He soon left his wife and their young daughter for a Métis woman, Marie Girard, but ditched her in turn shortly after she became pregnant.

When world war I broke out, Belaney joined the military but suffered a foot injury in battle.  The army sent Archie back to a hospital in England for a toe amputation, and there, he met up with a childhood friend named Florence Holmes.  The two quickly married, but before the honeymoon was over, Belaney told Florence the wild woods of Canada were calling him to return.  Florence, though, wasn’t into roughing it in the bush and refused to go.  Undaunted, Belaney simply left England without her.

Back in Canada, he reunited for a short time with his first wife, Angele.  He was around long enough for her to give birth to another daughter before ditching her again.  He also learned that he had a son named Johnny with his former spouse, Marie.  She had since died from illness and little Johnny never knew about his real father until he was nine years old.  The abandoned son later referred to his uninterested father as “Archie Baloney”.

All the while, Belaney was undergoing a type of transformation.  He grew his hair long and used henna to dye his skin a darker tone.  He took the name Grey Owl or, in Ojibwa “He-Who-Flies-By-Night”.  He told everyone he was a Plains Indian from Arizona, with a Scottish father and Apache mother.  He boasted that as a child he was a knife thrower in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.  In 1925, Belaney, or “Grey Owl”, fell in love with a young native woman named Gertrude Bernard, though he preferred calling her by her Iroquois name, Anahareo.

Despite all his secret lies, one thing remained true – Grey Owl was a consummate nature lover.  His new wife even turned him into an animal lover.  When they came across two orphaned beaver kits, Anahareo convinced Grey Owl to take them home.  The baby beavers converted Grey Owl into his new role as a writer and conservationist dedicated to increasing the dangerously low and over-trapped beaver population.

The couple moved to Saskatchewan, where Grey Owl wrote and occasionally returned to England for tours.  Hundreds of thousands came to hear him and the stories of his beavers, Jelly Roll and Rawhide.  Grey Owl’s books, Pilgrims of the Wild and his children’s story, The Adventures of Sajo and her Beaver People, as well as Tales of an Empty Cabin, became bestsellers.  Yet once again, he neglected his wife, Anahareo, and their child, Shirley Dawn.  She finally left him in 1936, but within a few months, Grey Owl had married Yvonne Perrier.

Shortly after, Grey Owl resumed his tours in England and even met royalty, dress all the while in full Native costume.  It seemed as if the only people who weren’t fooled by Grey Owl were the First Nations peoples who had known him back in Canada.  Eventually, a reporter with the North Bay Nugget uncovered the truth about Grey Owl, but the editor fearing Grey Owl’s environmental contributions would be tainted, held off running the story.

When Grey Owl died of pneumonia two years later at the age of 49, the truth finally came out.  The deceased man, known as Grey Owl, had an amputated toe and was in truth Archibald Stansfeld Belaney.  The paper held nothing back.  Headlines of bigamy, fraud, and deceit shocked Grey Owl fans for years.

Today, Grey Owl is remembered more for his positive accomplishments than his marital failings.  His cabin in Prince Albert National Park remains a popular tourist destination, and visitors can read the thoughtful words etched on a plaque at his gravesite: “Say a silent thank you for the preservation of wilderness areas, for the lives of the creatures who live there and the people with the foresight to realize this heritage, no matter how.”

Running Newspaper Companies

When playing a game like My Profit Land after a while it makes sense to open a company to help you make more profit.  Other than the free utility companies that a player may open, Newspaper companies are the least expensive.

By clicking upon “My Companies” and then “Start a new Company” a player is able to come across lists of companies they can purchase for euro. Newspaper Company can be found under the “Consumer” menu. Costing only 5 euro many players presume that it is an easy start to their company needs. In truth newspaper companies are a lot of work.

Each article must be named, blocked, and the subject matter written.  In an article of little content, having one or two paragraphs and maybe a picture, this is simple enough to do.  But, once your articles become longer, such as these newsletters, it is a different matter – although still simple, it becomes time-consuming.

While one can write an article without copies prepared, it is impossible to publish articles to the public without them. 
Before creating the blocks that one uses to create the body of the article they must first prepare the content.

When editing an article there is a section at the top of the workspace to name the article, introduce the article, choose the price, attach a thumbnail and select the article type.  Available article types are: economics, war, politics, tutorial, not game-related, and adult. Once filled out this section needs to be saved for the information to be kept.  It can be changed later if needed.

Next, the player is able to build the layout of the article. If a block is no longer needed one is able to delete it using the box on the left.  If the box is in the wrong location it can be moved using the up and down arrows on the right. Various article layouts will require a differing amounts of effort to produce a nice look.

Once the boxes are in place it is time to write the article and add images to complete it.  It is highly recommended doing this from a computer instead of a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone as there can be saving issues. The workspace of the article does not have a save button instead it is automatically saved as different sections are in focus.

When a block includes an image there will be a grey place holder that when clicked on will open an image importing dialogue.  Images need to have a minimum width of 402 pixels and will not load if any smaller than that. If the images are large, the author of the article may choose to uncheck the box that keeps the image at the recommended thumbnail size.

Once all the words are typed, the images in place and the top settings are taken care of you can publish the article by clicking the green publish button.

If one feels their article is of premium content, there is a trophy icon in the article list for each article, which when clicked submits the article for review.  If approved the premium article copies provide 50% more energy than their non-premium counterparts and can be purchased for gold or local currency.

Managers have limited abilities when it comes to the articles.  They are able to create a new article, name it and create copies, but are unable to open or edit the file.

Articles have a “social weight”. Likes, dislikes, views, comments, and sales count for this. Based on this, the game will recommend articles players haven’t bought yet. The recommended articles will show up first and should have much more sales if they are interesting.

January’s News From the World

sundabule has been a prime minister “for a long time”; having been the prime minister of Denmark before becoming the prime minister of Isle of Man, a private country. The local market is on average about half the price of the global market and they have no plans to obtain regions. sundabule has a goal of having enough housing available in Isle to ensure non-investing players are able to become strong, profiting together.

dmeyer’s advice to new players? 

“Find the best country for you, each country has different rules and communities. It’s a game, and the best way to enjoy it is being in a country where you feel like you belong”


BossYouMoney has been the prime minister of Japan for roughly four or five months.  During that time, Japan and Indonesia had a one month alliance, and for two months they had an alliance with the Dominican Republic.  Both of these alliances were to increase military ranks for the citizens of the countries.  Currently, they are without an ally for wars or for receiving global discounts but their local market has cheap coffee, meals, documents, and weaponry.  BossYouMoney has plans to go back to war for native regions once a loyal army is created, to ensure a better price in the local market.

BossYouMoney is quoted as saying, “It will be difficult, but with a little work we will succeed.”

Other goals for the country include to develope citizens economically creating success for their country.

“My tips are for all players.  Don’t be alone in this game.  Try to find an organization to help you!  Work twice per day, earn some money and after invest all in wars.  With approximately 30 gold you can buy a full set attack/defense weapons,10x clothes, some coffee and with this you can do for start 40k dmg in every war. Try to increase you military rank one by one. In my opinion, the best way to earn in this game is with wars with 2-3 friends who agree to help each other.”


Prime Minister of Luxembourg, iveldion7, responded thusly:

“My country has only [existed for] 10 days as I won the private country bid last month. Before that my team and I took turns as prime minister of Hungary for about six months.  Together they moved to Luxembourg.  Officially the country has an alliance with San Marino but they do have friends in other countries as well.

You need to have friends in this game. It is a great place to make contacts. The key is to have a team that you can trust. All the people I know from this game I don’t know from real life. To new players, my tip is to make a team and grow together, learn how to fight.

I also want to thank to ‘Tica (pm of NL) for helping me from the first day of opening my country, and since. As u see Albania and Malta still attack us, but we will get stronger. We have what regions we can but it doesn’t change anything if we have them or not as we are a gold war hunting organization.  That’s the plus of having a small country, we make around 90 – 100% of the gold we obtain. It is better to lose a region than fight a defensive war as defensive wars waste more money.  The exception being if the region has beans or a POI.

dmeyer66 has only been Prime Minister of Ireland for a month. He knows that Ireland is in need of a strong leader.  The country currently has no alliances and all of its regions are held by strong military countries.  There are plans in the workings to change Ireland for the better though.  dmeyer66’s goal is to help Ireland achieve a better developed local market, increase workers in the country while helping them do well.  

dmeyer66’s advice to new players? 
 “[Now] reality sets in.  My advice for new players who wish a military career is to head for one of the military superpowers.  These are the only countries able to offset the high cost of fighting.  Which means countries like Ireland will almost always remain without regions.  We cannot match the economic incentives of the superpowers. Rather a pity.”


amatojunior has been the prime minister of Italy for nearly two years, March 2020 will mark the occasion. Currently, Italy only has its capital city region as the populous doesn’t have enough time to set up a serious war effort. The country has a good work salary at nearly 0.40 per hour and a work bonus of 3.5 gold.  The local market has all food items available at more or less the same price as global.


DJAmnesia responded to our inquiry thusly,

” I was PM of Canada for approximately two years before taking on Liechtenstein as a project to expand Canada’s footprint in the game world at the end of May 2019. 

I plan to finish developing Liechtenstein’s resource section before moving on to pursue the development of a mercenary force. 

We’ve had a long-standing economic relationship with Canada which has served us well so far. While we haven’t flexed our military muscles too much lately, we maintain a friendly status with Canada with intentions to remain a free agent on the world military stage. 

Liechtenstein’s workforce is carefully maintained and there is always a slight surplus of work. Our local market is sparsely stocked but what is available is much cheaper than global.

If you have gotten as far as reading a newspaper, I’ll assume that you know how to work and have your account verified, MPL is a game with many avenues to succeed and I suggest players evaluate what they want to get out of the game and pursue activities that help them reach those goals.  For example, a player that is looking to have a passive force of income without dedicating too much time would be benefited by purchasing game shares and carefully selecting recruits. Alternatively, a more involved player could see better returns by joining a highly active nation and getting involved in the community. “

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Lady Bowering is a Canadian life form who finds amusement in making up stories to the actions that people and creatures around her display. In her spare time Lady Bowering can often be found with a cup of tea in hand or using her especially useful talent of napping. A self proclaimed digital-hippie, art lover and a recovering interobang addict she dreams of one day owning a business of her own; as long as she can survive the tickle attacks her family dares to inflict upon her!

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