MPL – Canadian Newsletter – November 13, 2019

This newsletter is shared keeping the format from the original newsletter I wrote in game. Due to the sizing of the columns in my website versus the size of the columns used in MPL newspapers the images do not line up perfectly with the text.

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News from Liechtenstien

Lichtenstein’s new economy was set back recently as KittieKay returned to Canada for the foreseeable future, though growth is still expected in the coming days and weeks.

DJAmnesia is available to discuss arrangements for Canadiands looking for work in Extraction or Gathering.

Liechtenstien’s growth has proceeded faster than anticipated, and while supplying Canada remains priority, more production is taking place than was anticipated for this time.

AngelInferno had begun collecting vegetables to suppy our Canadian restaurants and is now running a new cow farm which will allow us to maintain manure stocks more effectively. 

Rumours abound of military preparations, but no official comment was made.

News from Home

Canada has been preparing for a shift in the running government over the fishing season. 

In October KittieKay returned to Canada to help the government run as Plurf, our founder, leader, and job provider,  prepares to capture all the delicious lobster the Atlantic Ocean can provide.

In his preparations, Plurf has given Canadians more responsibility in the country by giving them positions of management with in his numerous companies.  A list compiled in October can be found in the next column over.

Since the change of management there have been a few, short absences of work. Processes and procedures appear to be improving though.

In November, Plurf stepped down from running in the elections, giving KittieKay support to run the country while he is busy.

There has been significant progress with the housing market within Canada, as housing companies have been working towards getting mansions available.  Which in turn has made it possible to have the renewal of the homeless shelter drop from a level two to a level one.

The Canadian Worker’s Union recently has purged a number of members for failure to pay their contribution for the production bonus. Members are reminded they must remain current on payments.

Canada has been mostly quiet on the war front as they search for military members who have the means and will to fight for the country.

Company Management Changes

DoTrusT is now managing Plurf’s Coal Mine, Iron Mine and Foundry.

csrmchl is now managing Plurf’s Paper Mill, Wood Cutter, and Notary.

Mor is now managing Plurf’s Oil Extraction, and Irving Refinery.

morgul is now managingPlurf’s Vineyard, and Winery.

Gazoo56 is now managing Plurf’s Cotton Plantation, and Cereal Farm.

ismunawan is now managing Plurf’s Restaurant, and Fertilizing Factory.

AquTrusT his now managing  Plurf’s Attack Weapons Factory.

Karl-J is now managingPlurf’s House Construction, and Bank.

Christaker is now managing Plurf’s Coffee Plantation.

KittieKay is now managing Plurf’s Cow Farm, Mill, Wood Cutter, Royal Bank of Canda, Tim Hortons, Uranium Mine, Kellogg’s Cereal Farm, Fertilizer Factory, Coal Mine, Foundry, Milk Factory, Cotton Plantation, Pubnico Plastics, Coffee Plantation, Milk and Coffee Shop, Parts Factory, Water Well Drilling, Attack Weapons Factory, Notary, Oil Extraction, Paper Mill, Irving Refinery, Hosue Construction, and Iron Mine.

While DJAmnesia continues to manage Plurf’s Wood Cutter, Cotton Plantation, Cereal Farm, Cow Farm, Irving Refinery, Restaurant, House Construction, Attack Weapons, Uranium Mine, Coffee Plantation, Mill, and Milk Factory.

Money Problems

In 2004, the Canadian mint produced 30 million specially designed quarters to honour Canada’s war veterans.  The 25 cent piece was the world’s first coloured coin, with a pretty red poppy in the center. It didn’t take long, however, before people noticed that the red paint on the poppy began to lighten and chip when handled.  The mint fixed the fading problem but was completely unprepared when another issue arose – government agents thought we were using the unusual coings to spy on American citizens.

It all began when a few U.S. Army contractors travelling in Canada became suspicious of the new coins.  One found a “poppy quarter” in the cup holder of his rental car and thought it might contain some sort of “nanotechnology.”

When put under a high powered microscope, he reported to superiors that the centre appeared to have a “wire-like mesh” on top.  Another agent found one of the quarters in his coat pocket.  Was it surreptitiously planted there, and were Canadians spying on them?

An espionage warning was apparently issued in early 2007, but the U.S. Defense Security Service later released a report saying it was issued by error and was based on false information.

Flag Fears

Is there an American flag on older Canadian bills?  Scrutinizing money handlers posed this unusual question shortly after the release of the $2, $5 and $19 bills were introduced in the later 1980s.  The flag atop the picture of the Parliament buildings looked remarkably like the American stars and stripes.  Conspiracy theories aside, the answer is no, the flag was simply the Red Ensign, which was used in Canada before the Maple Leaf.

Money to Burn?

The average paper $20 bill used to last about two years and the average $5 or $10 only half that, but if you have any hiding around, don’t throw away those torn up paper bills.  If three-fifths are intact, the Bank of Canada says that bill is worth full value.  A grid is used to calculate how much of the bill is left and if you’ve got less than two-fifths, you’re out of luck on the bill having any value left. 

Since 2011, when new plastic money was introduced to Canadians the government of Canada has slowly been making the usage of some old tenders illegal to use – such as the paper $1,000 bill which had its printing halted in 2000. Other paper currencies that have lost their legal usage are the $1, $2, $25, and $500 bills.

Odd Currency

Between 1870 and 1935, Canadians used a 25-cent bill called a 
“shinplaster” (Shinplasters, bills valued under a dollar, were popular in the 19th century throughout the world). Today these particular Canadian Bills are worth anywhere between thirty dollars and two hundred dollars a piece.

We even had a three dollar bill which was eliminated in 1871 although a particular bank in New Brunswick continued to use them for another 15 years.

In 1685, the governor of New France was running short of cold hard cash, as the King of France found it expensive to ship coins across the ocean, so he paid for his Quebec troops with playing cards that had been signed with IOUs upon the back.

A Beginner’s Work Guide

The first thing any new player will want to do is verify their account, as this will give the player bonuses that they would not get otherwise – such as being able to recieve the work bonus and withdrawing money from the game.

Ensure to work twice each day! After three days, you will get the government work bonus (which will vary by country).  You are also able to work one bonus shift per day, if you would like to. 

In countries that the government has paid the needed resources you can rent a space in the homeless shelter, which will give you 10% energy for free.  In both Canada and Liechtenstien renting a place to live instead of using the homeless shelter is worth the cost, just ensure to rent for five to seven days to make the most of your money.  Just don’t forget to move in!

The game had an update in which a player must have a minumum amount of energy available to be able to work their shifts, this is based on your ES (Economic Score) and WS (Work Skill) points.

Immediately upon starting the game a  player’s energy will be high, so purchasing consumable energy products won’t be necissary.  As play continues though, purchasing a snack and two other meals each day will ensure you are over that threshold most of the time.  The occassional bottle of wine or cup of beer may be needed to top you up.  Do not buy additional energy products regularily until you are more established within the game, as the cost increase of the energy will not pay off.

Each regular shift you work will increase your Economic Score (ES). Any day that you miss working will decrease your ES.  Your ES is one of a few factors that will determine how much you will earn during shifts that you work.  The others are your Work Skill Points and your Energy.  All three of these are able to be increased by purchasing food or energy products.

October’s World News 

It has been roughly 8 months since the country was founded and I as PM.

The country itself is very much isolated from the rest of the world, self-sustaining and with very little interaction whether it be in war, alliances or politics resulting it to be in a very neutral yet (to the best of my knowledge) amiable relations with most if not all other countries.

In regards to the sales of high demand goods, there are based on interpersonal relations to those expressing interests in such goods, else they are to be manufactured by my own companies to be supplied on global to all. The capital region alone provides enough workplaces to satisfy the current citizens of of the country and is the ideal status quo of the current state. As such, no additional residents are being accepted nor are residents pressured to leave from a lack of workplaces.

The local market is very much devoid of many products given that there is a low population density resulting in a lack of demand for goods. This in conjunction with the fact that there is no interest in war culminates in very few products being provided as there is no need for weapons, coffee, milk e.t.c. Instead only the required energy products are offered allowing the citizens to work while paying very little for the energy required, with beer pint to be provided for free, and great wine at a discounted rate cheaper than global it is inexpensive and easy for workers to achieve their required energy thresholds to work given the recent changes to energy in relation to work.

For tips to new players, I will be focusing on those who are unable or unwilling to invest in MPL as my country caters specifically to that group.

Work twice a day, your main form of income will be from the work bonus provided by the country, if it is insufficient do not hesitate to look for better alternatives while keeping in mind the countries ability to the upkeep of the work bonus and the history of changes to it.

Do your research on the cheapest options to reach the energy threshold to work so you don’t lose all the hard-earned money just by buying products. More often than not, buying extra energy products to achieve a 3rd shift in a day will result in a net loss, less the wages from companies are extremely high.

It’s a vicious cycle if you fail to take these factors into account resulting in little to no profit even after working endlessly for many months.

That is all I have to say thank you for reading
– edwin8686 Founder and PM of Algeria

Albania is on the Southeastern part of Europe’s Balkan Peninsula.  In real life it is one of the poorest countries in Europe but is full of castles and archeological sites. 

In game the country is run by Dyzek16, who has been Prime Minister for the last three months, having taken the position over from Manuelxerez06. As Prime Minister the goal is to gain back their native regions and Dyzek16 gives warning that “Real wars will arrive for conquered native regions… we will demolish all those countries that stop us along the way”.

After having lost their last region to Portugual, Albania now has only their capital region of Tirana and does not have any alliances since disbanning their alliance with Maderia. Their 55 citizens work hard though, and the only thing on their local market that isn’t competing with global is their cotton prices.

To new players, Dyzek16 suggest always checking the markets before buying something (to compare prices), do not recycle regions when you have no idea[Editors note: we take this to mean ‘Don’ t clean up the trash if you don’t know what you’ll get’], and not to extract resources on days 1 and 15 when you have little productivity – even if there is a wage struggle occuring.


Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, is known for its Stalinist architecture, grand fortifications and primeval forests. 

In the game Belarus is still a small country. In his first legislature, Lordshiva, a three month old player, is running Belarus.

They are currently looking to collaborate as part of an alliance.


Brazil is  is the largest country in both South America and Latin America, it is bisected by both the Equator and Tropic of Capricorn and covers almost 50% of South America.

In the game Brazil has a total of 15 active workers and is run by ChooseAnotherNickname.

Their next step is to increase their population, especially warriors as they are unable to get their natives back at this point of time.

The local market is almost empty, currently.  But they are sharing the Braillian richness with citizens.

November’s World News

China is located in eastern Asia, its vast lands include grassland, desert, mountains, lakes, rivers and more than 14,000 km of coastline. The iconic Great Wall runs east to west along the country’s north. 

GM has been the prime minister of China, in game, for about 10 months now.  Although the country has no alliances set up, they are friendly with other Asian counties. Which works well with their goal of working together.  The help of their friendly neighbours makes it so that China has not needed any more regions than they currently have.

GM’s tip to new players is, “If playing is just a matter of money, MPL is not the place to be, be patient and you can be successful”


Greece is located in southeastern Europe with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas.  It has been called the cradle of Western Civilization.

Lex has been the Prime Minister, in game, for about half a year now, but even before he took over control the country was trying to reach its economic maximum.  They are a small country with a lot more jobs than workers and expect their economy to increase in time.  As they have only a few active players which makes it impossible for them to succeed in wars.

Greece has no alliances but company owners do have partnerships to help them out.  They aim to offer cheap energy products to their citizens, while maintaining a fair balance for workers, wages, taxes and country budget.  It’s not as easy as it may sound.

For tips to new players, Lex suggests keeping an eye on all the markets and just like in real life spread your investments.


Germany is located in Western Europe, it has forests, rivers, mountain ranges, North Sea beaches and over two millennia of history.

Boss1984 has the Prime Minister for as long as can be recalled, in game, even though Germany is a public country. There has been a couple of months in which he has forgotten to campaign though.

Germany’s goal is to not go bankrupt.  They do not wish to invest money into the country to sustain the bonuses and have found a decent tax/bonus ratio.

They are a peaceful country that only owns their capital and has an organization only to aid its citizens in buying goods at lower prices.  Their market is lower than global market.

Boss1984 suggests not giving up playing just because the game is difficult in the beginning.  In time players will be able to purchase different energy items and prehjaps even start fighting in wars.

To be completely honest, France is not in a powerful situation. We had a great player with us, ElMaestro97one, the founder of the country, who left in october to start a great project in Palestine, and I wish him all the best for the future. We have a few players with companies, but many citizens can’t start their own company at this moment.

When I was firstly elected, the country had lost its best player, and we had experimented with a stranger as PM who ruined our economy for his own interests. People were angry, exhausted, and didn’t want to trust a strange player anymore. So the aim was to preserve the stability of the country, make the workers and the company owners staying there. We set middle wages, with very low taxes. Well, it has worked, and activity is increasing. The treasury of the country is now growing too. France is now a great country to work in.

The goals for the country are to preserve the interests of French citizens – great wages, low taxes, and we introduced a “work bonus week” with a bonus of x2. The aim is to help the citizens create companies or buy them.

As the second main problem we have in France is the control of our primary resources. We think this point is an absolute necessity to help the country to grow and currently do not have the control it with our primary resources. Consequently, our local market is quite dead. We did try to buy some of these companies back but were outbid. So, in order to preserve our interests, we set National Raws.

As a long-term goal, clearly controlling our native regions would be ideal. But we are now in “construction”, and we cannot afford to make wars.

For new players, particularly for those who don’t want to stay just as workers, and want to grow in this game, the advice I can give them is to complete offers if they got enough time. That’s what I did when I started this game, and without investing 1€ I got now a few companies. It really works, you just have to be patient !

Personally, and as PM, I want to play this game the most fairly possible. I know it seems to be a little naive, but I believe there are many other players like me, who wants to help everyone to enjoy this game. I really do my best to preserve the interest of french citizens. For now, it seems to work, so I hope it will continue 🙂

Have a nice day,
Juteux13, PM of France

Is It Real???

In March 2007, Conservative MP Mike Lake brought forward a petition to grant the Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot) status as an endangered species.  Although Lake admitted that he didn’t think the Sasquatch was real, and the petition never did make it much further, there have been hundreds of documented sightings of a giant, furry, upright creature roaming western Canada.  Some cryptozoologist think that the Sasquatch could be a lost species related to the ancient ape, “Gigantopithecus”.

In July 1884, the Victoria Times Colonist published an article about a railway crewmember who found a “half man and half beast” creature on the tracks in the town of Yale, British Columbia.   “Jacko” as the beast was later called had long black hair, was 1.4 meters in height and weight about 58 kg.  He resembled a human but had extra long forearms and his entire body, except for his hands (or paws) were covered with 2.5 cm long hair.  Unfortunately, Jack died before he could be exhibited or studied further.

Western Canada’s Other Mysterious Creatures

The century-old Indian Trading Post in Banff, Alberta is home to the store’s most famous resident, the Merman. While the Merman looks suspiciously like a monkey skeleton head and torso fused onto a fish’s rear, it is supposedly of “unknown origion”.

Throughout Canada there are many underwater fantastical creatures, but the western side of the nation has a few with rich history.

Inhabiting Cadboro Bay, near the southern tip of Vancouver Island, in Sannich, British Columbia are Caddy and Amy”, who according to Native folklore is a serpentine creature that have always inhabited the bay. These two were first documented in modern sightings back in the 1920s.  It is believed that they are a mating pair as there have been unusual eel-like creatures that resemble the pair spotted by fishermen. Scientist believe they could have been Cadborosaurus, but local deniers in the 1950s claimed the pair to only be a heard of seals.

Heading inland to the Okanagan Valley, the “Ogopogo” has had thousands of sightings since the 1700s.  This serpentine creature inhabits Okanagan Lake, British Columbia and is occasionally spotted in Skaha Lake as well.   Native lore of  the N’ha-ha-itq (or Ogopogo) goes back even further, depicting the monster to have a head of a sheep or horse, on ancient petroglyphs.  In 2001 a $2-million reward was offered for concrete proof but no one has yet to claim the prize. The Ogopogo has been granted protected wildlife status under the legistation enacted by the Province of British Columbia in 1989 – meaning it is illegal to harm, kill or capture the Ogopogo.

Updates from Discord

These are the updates made by Pegaso within the M.P.L. Discord Server  since the last edition.

To see the rest, please go to the MPL discord or forums.

September 2019 will not have any new countries open All auctions will be locked.
~Pegaso August 28, 2019

~ Pegaso September 16, 2019

There will be an hour change in Portugal from today to tomorrow at 2 am the clock will go back to 1 am.  Normally that change brings some glitches, like energy dropping each minute instead of each hour and other stuff… just to warn before you flood the bug channel.  After 1 or 2 hours, it should go back to normal
~ Pegaso October 26, 2019

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