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Originally Posted on Nov 4, 2016 as Best MakeUp Lashes for Eye Shape and Positioning


If you have almond eyes, you have what many consider to be the “ideal” shape as you can effortlessly pull off most looks. Three famous people who share your shape are Lapita Nyong, Jennifer Garner and Janet Jackson.

The best advice for applying makeup to an almond-shaped eye is to follow your natural contours. To avoid making your eyes look smaller don’t put eyeliner on your lower lid (the water-line is fine) or any shadows underneath.

Close Set

If you have close-set eyes you get to join the ranks of Michelle Obama, Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Aniston.

To create the illusion that your eyes are further apart use a light, shimmering colour to highlight your tear ducts. This will catch the light making your eyes look bigger and farther apart.

Use medium matte shades on the outer corner of the eyes and shade past the width of the eye. This will complement a cat eye extremely well.
Darker shades do well on top of the crease.

Line the outer corners of eyes with eyeliner, starting from the middle of the lid and extending out past the eye width ending in a straight line or cat eye.
Apply multiple layers of mascara on the outer lashes and lightly apply mascara on the lashes closest to the inner eye.

A soft smoky eye is perfect for this shape. Just remember to use matte shadows and a base to keep the shadow in place.

Deep Set

undertones from

​If your eyes are set a bit further back you have deep-set eyes, just like Julianne Moore, Taylor Swift and Cameron Dias.

Since you have a prominent brow bone, you will want to use a light coloured shadow like beige or pink on your lid to brighten and diffuse the natural shadow cast by your brow bone. It is best to do this based on your skin’s undertones
By having light colours on your upper lid and a darker colour just above the socket line, the light will be redirected, being drawn further out. When using dark colours apply them lightly over the center of the eye.
Focus on your bottom lash line by using rich colours and applying mascara.
Use light shades to highlight the corners and under the arch of your brow (on the brow bone).

Down Turned

Also known as “droopy eyes” these beauties are made to rock the “Cat Eye”. If you have down-turned eyes you share a likeness with Rose Byrne, Marilyn Monroe and Katy Perry.

Apply medium to dark shades over outer two-thirds of the eye blending the outer corner upwards. Use light shades to highlight the corners. This will lift the overall appearance of the eye.

Use liquid eyeliner to create a thick, bold line and pull outwards. When extending the liner to the outer corner of the eye shift the liner at a 45 degree angle to create the perfect winged line.

When applying mascara, comb the outer lashes up towards the temple.


The exact opposite of a mono-lid this shape has a fold of skin that hangs over the natural crease, making the eyelids appear smaller. If this is your eye style than you join the ranks of Blake Lively and Lucy Liu.

Always use a primer to cut down on makeup transfer.

Bold matte eye makeup looks best on this shape, as shimmering shades will reflect light and make things look bigger than they are . Unlike most other eye shapes, hooded eyes should use medium to darker shades on their lids. Bold colours like electric blue or fuchsia also work wonderfully.

Lighter colors will draw attention to your lid, making the bagginess of your lid more apparent, which can become overwhelming. Try not to over-highlight the brow bone. This being said, white eye shadow in the inner and outer corners of the eye can really open up the eye.

If you are just a beginner, grab a piece of scotch tape and place it on the bottom edge of your nose to the end of your eyebrow. Apply eye shadow from the center of your eye straight out toward the tape (you can use any straight edged object in place of tape) this gives the illusion of a lifted eye.
Apply eye shadow just above where you’re marking your crease as opposed to in the natural fold of your eyelid, then blend upwards until halfway up the brow bone.That way, the color won’t get lost when your eye is open.
Learning how to do a cut-crease is also helpful. 

Don’t neglect your lower lid! Be sure to pull your darker crease shadow out and slightly under your lid.

Tight-lining (as I describe later in mono-lid) is a great method for making your lashes stand out more. If you are wanting to have a wing, the best technique is called “disconnected wing“. 

When choosing a mascara you’ll want to ensure you get a smudge-proof mascara. Fiber mascaras are great for this as they come off easily with water at the end of the day.

Large Eyes

Large eyes give you a larger palette to work with, so you can play around with a variety of looks. Medium to dark shades tend to look better, though, since light shades can make the eye look even larger than it already is.

Mono-lid & Double-lid

Verticle Gradient Method image from

This eye shape is very prevalent among Asian people. If you have this eye type you share a similar eye to Kim Yuna and Sandra Oh. In Asia is becoming common place for people with mono-lids to get a surgery to create a faux lid, this is called a “double lid”. Double lidded people are still best suited to use the makeup method for mono-lids.

My first suggestion for those with a mono-lid is to use the Vertical Gradient Method instead of a Horizontal Gradient Method when possible. It requires less blending to look less choppy.

​Start off with creating a gradient effect to add dimension by applying a light hued shadow on your upper lash line and brush out toward the outer part of your eye.

Shade a neutral or less dark color in the middle and blend with a soft shimmer color toward the inner part of your eye, lifting to the brow bone to create a highlight. Since you don’t have much of a crease, if any, you’re going to brush this shade almost all the way to the brow bone, stopping right below.

By putting the dark-ish hues closer to the lid and in“sideways V” shape you’ll is able to create more dimension.

Horizontal Gradient Method image from

Don’t forget to curl your lashes. Volumizing mascara can really help to define your eyes and open them up.

Many people make the mistake of trying to put thick eyeliner on when they have mono-lids. This ends up looking harsh and jarring and often ends up smudged, also, once the eye is open it can be completely lost to view.

The first suggestion I have is called “tight-lining”. This is done by applying eyeliner between your lash line onto your waterline. Tight-lining helps define the eye shape and makes lashes look fuller.

Using a liquid liner, line the outer third of the lid and drag past the corner of the eye to create a little wing, this helps create extra definition to the eye. Don’t go too crazy on the wing though as it is creating the illusion of a crease and looks best when trying for a more natural look.

To make a less harsh cat eye or wing use eyeshadow instead of a liquid or pencil liner. You can still apply the same amount of product as you would have with the eyeliner, just ensure to blend it out to avoid the concentrated powder look.


If your eyes are protruding then you share an eye shape with the Olsen Twins, Nichole Richie and Christina Ricci.

By using medium and dark colours around the top and bottom of the eye and extending it no further than the creases on either side you’ll be able to make your eye appear further back in the socket.

When applying your eye line make it thicker towards the outer lid and upper lash line and thinner towards the inner eye. This will reduce the space on your projected lid. If using eye shadow to line the eye use neutral medium and dark shades blended together.


Those with round eyes tend to look youthful. If you have round eyes your celebrity matches include Mary Louise Parker and Zooey Deschanel.

If you have round eyes, apply medium to dark shades over the center of the eyes and use light shades to highlight the corners. In doing so, you “narrow” the overall shape of the eye. Also don’t forget to highlight that brow bone.
Start your eyeliner from inner corner and take it all the way to outer corner, ending in a straight line or cat eye.

Small Eyes

Small eyes tend to be overwhelmed when you use dark colors, so stick with light to medium shades and avoid weighing down your lash line with too much liner or mascara.

Up Turned

This eye shape can wear many different looks. A suggested technique for this shape is to play up the lashes using colored mascaras and liner. If your eyes are up turned you join the ranks of Tiffany Hines and Angelina Jolie.

Apply dark shadow or liner along the outer lower corner of your eye, this will make the outer corner appear lower.
Keep eyeliner relatively thin, especially along the inner corner of your eyes, so they don’t appear smaller. To keep your eyes looking balanced and symmetrical ensure to mirror the bottom lash line with the same kind of line you use on top.

Wide Set

Contour the browbone and crease area with neural matte tones.

To create the illussion of closer eyes, you will need to channel your inner eyeliner master. Use a dark liner to line both the top and bottom lash line starting as close to the inner eye as possible. Start thin and make it thicker as you pull towards the outer eye.

Use mascara from your mid-eye to your nose brushing towards your nose.

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