Determining Your Eye Shape

​Originally Posted on: Nov 01, 2016 as Determining Eye Shape

Choosing the correct style of makeup or fake eyelash can really make or break your look. To figure out the best look you first must know what your eye shape is. There are six basic shapes that your eyes can be (mono-lid, up turned, down turned, hooded, round or almond). You may also need to take into account how far apart your eyes are or how deep they are.

In a well lit area look into a mirror, bringing one of your eyes as close as possible to the mirror while ensuring a clear view. If you have access to a magnifying mirror they tend work best but any mirror will work.

Determine if your upper eyelid has a crease. If not than you have a mono-lid. True mono-lids completely lack a crease, but if the eyelid crease is not visible it should be counted.

If your eyelid does have a crease, grab a pencil or make up brush to make a straight horizontal line across your eye. By doing this you can determine if the outer corner of your eye are “up turned” or “down turned”.

When the corner of your eye lays close to the center you need to take a look at your crease again. Open your eyes wide and check to see if your crease is visible or hidden. If the crease is hidden underneath the upper part of your lid or your brow bone, you have a “hooded” eye shape.

If the crease of your eyelid is visible you’ll need to examine the whites of your eyes around the iris. If there is white around the top or bottom of your iris you have “round” shaped eyes, if not you have “almond” shaped eyes.

Once you have identified the shape of your eye you need to identify the position of your eyes. To do this look into your mirror again, this time ensuring that both eyes are visible.

To determine if your eyes are close set or wide set you will look at the gap between your eyes. If it is larger than one eye length you have wide set eyes, if it is less than one eye length you have close set eyes.

The follow three steps most people don’t need to bother with yet can be helpful.

Deep set eyes appear as though they are tucked further back into the socket, causing the upper eyelid to appear short and small.

Protruding eyes, on the other hand, literally bulge outward from the socket and toward the upper lash line.

Average eye size will be similar to that of your mouth or nose, if not a little smaller. If your eyes are significantly smaller, though, you have small eyes. If they are larger than your other features, you have large eyes.

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